Limited Run Games Talks Digital to Physical Process

Limited Run Games Talks Digital to Physical Process

Limited Run Games recently gave us the lowdown on how they bring digital-only games to physical form, and the challenges involved during that process.

“The biggest hurdle is getting game developers on board to do the extra work it takes to put a game out physically,” Limited Run Games owner Josh Fairhurst told us on Monday. “It’s really not that much effort, but a lot of devs just want to move on to the next thing, so having to go back and revisit old work is a bit unappealing. It’s unfortunate, as a few developers we really wanted to work with said no for this reason.”

Limited Run Games, who funds everything entirely out of their own pockets, is in the business of serving gamers and collectors “by bringing physicality back to games.”

Once they land a deal with a developer, limited physical quantities of game software are made available exclusively through their website. “This minimizes incurred costs and maximizes the end revenue for our developers,” Fairhurst explained. “Making developers money is a big priority of ours.”

Games like Fatal Frame V and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies are two of the recent prospects Fairhurst has expressed interest in:

“Absolutely. There is totally demand for them. Really, I just want to see those two games made for myself as I refuse to buy them digitally. I figure if I’m holding out there has to be other people. I’m a big fan of both series, so holding out has been nerve-wracking. I really want to bring those to market. We wouldn’t actually do any licensing with bigger companies; rather, they would manufacture and publish … we would just commit to buying a large enough quantity to make it worth their while.”

Ackk Studios’ upcoming Japanese-inspired RPG Y2K: A Post-Modern is planned for a limited physical distribution on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and it could eventually be brought to Wii U, according to Fairhurst. “We’re currently investigating Wii U publishing for Saturday Morning RPG,” he said. If that works out, we’ll probably look into publishing other games (like Y2K) on Wii U.”

We’re keeping our eyes on Limited Run Games for future possible physical versions of Nintendo games. In the meantime, feel free to let us know what digital-only Nintendo games you would like to see make it over to the Big N.



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