Choice Provisions Teasing Runner3 Playable Characters

Choice Provisions Teasing Runner3 Playable Characters
A pixel Mr. Robotube dashes along as the signature RUNNER rainbow follows. Image is self-made and not official. (Image: Kevin McMinn/ Nintendo News)

Last week Choice Provisions announced Runner3, but the studio is already teasing fans with potential playable characters for the action game.

In a new “Let’s Talk Characters!” development update, Choice Provisions director Dant Rambo asked readers for their input. Specifically, Rambo polled people to learn what characters they would be most interested in seeing in the game.

“Our hope for Runner3 is to offer a roster of characters both old and new, and while we have a list that we’re super excited about internally, we’d like to hear what you all think,” Rambo wrote. “Which characters are you hoping return for Runner3? And who, in your wildest dreams, would you like to see added to the game?”

Rambo noted that characters could come from completely different properties (outside of theirs) or they could be make up from imagination. Of course, Choice Provisions won’t be able to accommodate all requests — they’re already hard at work on an all-star cast themselves.

“The character roster of Runner3 is pretty locked down by this point, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to suggestions,” Rambo elaborated. “If there seems to be strong demand for a character we weren’t planning on including, then we will seriously consider it!”

But fans requesting their favorite characters is just one piece of a complicated puzzle. Licensing fees is another. So those hoping to see Goku, Spider-Man, or Shrek cutting up the rug are out of luck. However, Rambo seems receptive to character requests for games like Shovel Knight, Undertale, and Runbow, to name a few.

Interestingly, Rambo told one fan (in the developer blog comments section) that some characters — Meat Boy, Junior Melchkin, Radbot, Mr. Robotube, Captain Viridian, Asra Nox — already had winning spots on the game’s roster. “I can confirm that some of the characters you’ve listed here will indeed be in Runner3,” Rambo said. “The question is … who?”

Fans familiar with the long-running BIT.TRIP series know that Junior Melchkin, Meat Boy, and Mr. Robotube all made appearances in BIT.TRIP FATE on Wii and Nintendo 3DS. And Radbot appeared in BIT.TRIP RUNNER, also on Wii and 3DS. Captain Viridian and Asra Nox are possible roster shoe-ins too, albeit not as popular as the previous four characters.

If the Choice Provisions team continues their development progress on a frequent basis, we should hear more teasing of sorts in the near future. In the meantime, it’s still unclear what platforms Runner3 will launch on; however, given the developer’s past history, there’s a strong possibility the game could sprint to Wii U or even “NX.”

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