“Angel Land” is Bayonetta’s New 8-Bit Browser Game


Japan-based video game developer PlatinumGames, well-known for critically acclaimed titles The Wonderful 101 and the Bayonetta series, has released a new browser-based Bayonetta game called Angel Land. And it’s free to play via Platinum’s 404 webpage.

Angel Land is an 8-bit shooter that is completely different compared to its two console predecessors. Players simply use the space bar to jump — pressing twice to double jump — and the enter key to fire streams of bullets at oncoming demonic Angels and Hideous — two well-known enemies from the Bayonetta series. After dying, however, players are encouraged to Tweet their high score.

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Not only is Angel Land ridiculously hard, it is also super addicting. We challenge our readers to post their high scores whilst trying to beat our amazing 4,500 and 3,400 points. Check it out on Platinum’s 404 page.



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