UCraft Developer Says Spikey Walls is a Cash Grab

UCraft Developer Says Spikey Walls is a Cash Grab

Developer Nexis Games posted a new video today insisting they care about quality content over money, unlike Spikey Walls developer RCMADIAX.

Yesterday, Nintendo News showed you a new trailer from UCraft developer Nexis Games that showcased “Mighty Mike” in their upcoming Minecraft-inspired Wii U game. The trailer told viewers that Nexis Games wasn’t interested in money, but instead wanted to capture the hearts of gamers with their products. They also insisted that their game wasn’t a clone of Minecraft.

Apparently, this didn’t go over so well.

Criticism aimed at the UCraft developer continued to call their game a Minecraft clone. Today, Nexis Games released a new video with a very clear message: We aren’t interested in your money, but Spikey Walls is.

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Spikey Walls is, by any reasonable measure, a clone of the viral mobile game Flappy Bird. Developed by RCMADIAX, Spikey Walls was released on the Wii U eShop on September 18.

But according to Nexis Games’ video, Spikey Walls is what a game looks like when a developer only cares about money. Nexis Games even created a sloppy Microsoft Paint image of Spikey Walls (seen above) in an attempt to showcase how little time and effort it took to create the game.

Nexis Games’ video also introduced new screenshots for their upcoming Wii U title Dance of the Damned, adding that the game is the result of caring about the product. Not money.

However, on Nexis Games’ website, they have a page dedicated to asking for money for Dance of the Damned. They even point out that you can buy some of their cheaper games to help support development. Check it out in the image below:


To close out the video, Nexis Games admitted that their one-man team was partially blind.

UCraft isn’t the only game from Nexis Games that one might call a clone. Earlier this year they released BrickBlast U!, which was based on the arcade game Breakout. For perspective, BrickBlast U! received worse reviews that Spikey Walls by many publications; Nexis Games even blasted back at a negative review of BrickBlast U!, going so far to use a rape joke — which they later apologized for.

UCraft is in development for the Nintendo eShop on Wii U, and may arrive by the end of 2014.

Nexis Games – “Give us your heart!” Teaser

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