Stardew Valley Ripens on Wii U eShop in 2016

Stardew Valley Ripens on Wii U eShop in 2016

Popular simulation game Stardew Valley is coming to Wii U and other consoles later this year, developer ConcernedApe announced yesterday.

Fans of titles like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft will be happy to know that digital versions for Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One are just a few months away. Chucklefish and Sickhead Games are handling publishing and porting duties, respectively.

“It’s very important to me that playing Stardew Valley with console controllers is intuitive and effortless,” the developer said. “I’ll be the first to admit that the current, rudimentary controller support in the PC version is far from ideal, and it will need to be adjusted prior to the launch. I’m also excited about the possibility of utilizing special console features like the Wii U’s second screen!”

Originally released on PC in February 2016, Stardew Valley tasks players with rebuilding a broken down farm Stardew Valley by planting and harvesting fruits and veggies, fishing, mining for resources, and much more. There will be plenty of evil to fend off as well.

While no solid release date has been given, Stardew Valley should be “ready in time for the winter holidays,” according to the developer. Pricing, also, has not been announced, but the PC version on Steam currently costs $14.99.

Check out the game’s launch trailer below to learn more about what to expect.

Stardew Valley Trailer

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