Slime-san is a Joint Indie Effort Squirming to Wii U

Slime-san is a Joint Indie Effort Squirming to Wii U
Slime-san poster art (Image: Fabraz)

Slime-san, from studios Fabraz and Headup Games, is a retro platformer infused with Japanese humor headed to Nintendo eShop in spring 2017.

Giant worm eats Slime. Slime slides down worm’s belly. What could go wrong? That’s the basic idea behind Slime-san. Developed by Fabraz, German publisher Headup Games — responsible for titles like Typoman, The Binding of Isaac, and Terraria — plans to have the game available on the Wii U eShop by next April.

Nintendo News asked Fabian Rastorfer, founder and lead designer at Fabraz, some questions about his upcoming slime excursion. “We’ve always been big fans of Japanese culture,” Rastorfer told Nintendo News on Tuesday. “We love video games like Mario and Zelda, movies like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, and shows like Dragon Ball and One Piece. We wanted to evoke a magical world of our own inspired by this Japanese culture that we cherish!”

Throughout various parts of Slime-san, where the setting takes place deep within the worm’s dark and damp underbelly, players will meet Japanese characters, visit a famous subway sushi bar, and be greeted with off-the-wall Japanese-styled art and references. But while the world within a worm may seem lavish, there are many dangers ahead.

Acidic stinky stomach juice, traps, obstacles, bosses, and other challenges await Slime-san during his quest. There are only two options here: escape the same way you entered, or die trying. Oh, there are mini-games you can enjoy during your arduous quest, too.

Collaboration between Fabraz and Headup Games was sparked by long-distance communication, but the two studios eventually met face to face. “We started talking over email and eventually met at our Slime-san booth at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany,” Rastorfer said. “The team loved the game and we loved their attitude and awesome portfolio. We’re super happy to work on this together.”

Slime-san promises at least 15 hours of single player content and a soundtrack created by “some of the most popular chiptune composers in the world.” In addition to Wii U, the game is planned for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Finally, Fabraz’s interstellar wingsuit adventure Planet Diver should be rocketing to the eShop as soon as next month. “It’s currently in Lot Check and we hope to release it in November,” Rastorfer said. (You can read our interview with Fabraz about Planet Diver right here.)

Slime-san Alpha Footage

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