Skunk Software Launches 10 eShop Games on Thursday

Indie developer Skunk Software appears set to unleash nearly one dozen software titles on the Wii U eShop in North America this Thursday.

According to the list of upcoming eShop releases on Nintendo’s website, each game will vary widely in price — from a $3.99 toddler game to a $39.99 piano-teaching simulator. Fans can purchase Skunk’s entire offering for a cool $101.90.

Launching such a massive single-day batch of software is an interesting strategy indeed, and one that has already raised a few brows. For example, the Slots – Pharaoh’s Riches Miiverse community has a single post from a player who wrote: “This game is beyond awful. The entire game is viewed in a single screenshot. Not fun at all. Stay far away from Skunk Software.”

Skunk Software Games for September 1:

  1. Free Balling – $9.99
  2. Games for Toddlers – $3.99
  3. Piano Teacher – $39.99
  4. Skunky B’s Super Slots Saga #1 – $14.95
  5. Super Hero Math – $7.99
  6. The First Skunk Bundle (contains “5 full featured video games”) – $24.99

The ten-game collection will join a handful of other titles Skunk Software released earlier this year such as Blackjack 21, Now I Know My ABCs, Bubble Gum Popper, and Slots – Pharaoh’s Riches.

Nintendo News has contacted Skunk Software in hopes of receiving a few review codes. We’ll be sure to share feedback with our readers if they send us any.

Skunk Software’s slogan — according to their website — is “Stinking up the competition.”

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