Ninja Pizza Girl Developer Delivers Fresh Details

Ninja Pizza Girl Developer Delivers Fresh Details

Ahead of the high-flying action in Wii U eShop title Ninja Pizza Girl, the game’s developer has delivered fresh details about the project.

Nintendo News recently caught up with Jason Stark, co-founder, “Dad,” and one of the lead developers at Australian-based indie studio Disparity Games, for the lowdown and some tasty toppings, erm, topics of discussion.

Stark describes Ninja Pizza Girl as a fast-paced platformer where players experience the story of sixteen-year-old female protagonist Gemma, who works at her father’s pizzeria. While Gemma must fight to keep her family and their business running smooth, she’ll fight just as hard against merciless teenage bullies who do their best to try and stop her from carrying out her pizza-delivering duties. But she only has 30 minutes to get from one side of town to the other.

According to Stark, the project started out about three years ago from its first prototype, which he feels is too long; him, his wife, daughter, and many others have teamed up to bring Ninja Pizza Girl to life. In 2014, the game was successfully funded on Kickstarter by more than 1,400 supporters., and in September 2015 it became available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It’ll be out “soon” on Wii U, Stark told us, and there are plans to eventually release it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As for Nintendo 3DS, it’s unlikely Gemma will be delivering her father’s freshly baked pizza pies any time soon.

“The 3DS is an awesome little machine and we’d love to develop a game for it one day,” Stark said. “I’m not sure if it will be Ninja Pizza Girl, but it’s definitely something we’d love to do. And we’re as excited as everyone else to see what the NX is like!”

Stark envisions Nintendo NX as “a multi-dimensional entity that defies common understanding of time and space that will redefine not only video game consoles, but the very notion of humanity itself.”

Ninja Pizza Girl – Wii U Launch Trailer

Interestingly, the game’s quality assurance tester is none other than Stark’s 7-year-old daughter. “Violet is a total pro at breaking games,” he said. “She loves taking a new level and contorting the AI into knots while laughing at my tears.”

Wondering where Stark and crew came up with the idea behind the game? “Many, many years ago, my eldest daughter [took] Kung Fu lessons and worked in pizza delivery,” he explained. “I used to joke that she was our ‘ninja pizza girl.’ We took that joke and combined it with our love for fast platform games like the original Sonic the Hedgehog and Mirror’s Edge to create Ninja Pizza Girl.”

Treasure-hunting, unlockable bonus modes, and a “compulsive and highly competitive speedrun mode” will challenge players when the game launches. Other regions will eventually get a slice of the action, too. “We are absolutely releasing in Europe and Japan, because in these turbulent times, the world is crying out for universal access to Ninja Pizza Girl.”

If all this talk about pizza makes you hungry to start playing, don’t worry, Stark said there’s plenty of gameplay packed in. “If you race through the story mode ignoring all of the awesome unlocks and bonus modes, you’ll be done in around four hours. We’ve found that people tend to play it a lot more than that though, and we have some speedrun fans with over 100 hours put in.”

Aside from Ninja Pizza Girl, Disparity Games has a few other projects in the oven, but they’re currently “all top secret at this point.”

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