Nevermoor Brings Spooky Party Action to Wii U This October

Nevermoor Brings Spooky Party Action to Wii U This October

Indie studio Faustian Games plans to debut their first stealth action party game, Nevermoor, on the Wii U eShop in time for Halloween 2016.

If the idea of teaming up with two friends to hunt down a fourth villain sounds intriguing, Nevermoor may be right up your alley. Robert Smith, a community manager at Faustian Games in Orlando, Fla., recently provided Nintendo News with some info about the studio and its upcoming title.

“We currently have seven team members of varying levels of experience and involvement,” Smith said earlier this week. “No other platforms are being developed for right now, so Wii U will be the first and our primary development focus for the moment. However, a Steam port [of Nevermoor] is likely in the future.”

The idea and inspiration behind the game dates back a few years ago, according to Smith:

“We were introduced to a party game called Werewolf, most popularly known as One Night Ultimate Werewolf. In the game, each person would take on the role of ‘Townsperson’ or ‘Werewolf,’ and through deception and mind games, try to outwit the other players and either figure out who the werewolf was as a ‘Townsperson’ and stop them, or kill the the other players as the ‘Werewolf.’ It was a tabletop game that we played with scraps of paper, though there are official cards and rules for it now, and even a VR game based on it is being developed by Ubisoft. [Nevermoor] was also influenced by Penny Dreadful since our lead developer was watching it often during development.

“If we were to use digital game comparisons, there are parallels to be drawn between Nevermoor and Evolve too, but on a far smaller scale and with different focuses in gameplay mechanics.”

At launch, players may be required to find local friends in order to play, but that may change in the future. “Currently, no single player mode is implemented, but we are looking into one with the release of the next monster we have planned for the game,” Smith explained. “This is something that we’ve been asked about by a lot of interested people, and it is definitely high in our planned features list! We understand that it’s hard to always wrangle enough friends to play, so we want to have an experience available for these situations.”

For the Wii U version of the game, the person who chooses the Werewolf plays alone on the GamePad, hiding his/her actions from the other players. The other three players chose from one of three “hunter” roles — Hunter, Priest, and Rogue — and share the TV screen together. “Stealth is a pretty significant tactic for the Werewolf to achieve victory, and many of the game’s mechanics have been tweaked to support that,” Smith said. “The hunter players can’t ‘screen-watch’!”

New monster types such as Vampires and Ghosts and additional game modes and maps are all planned to extend the player’s experience, albeit perhaps not initially. Players may also be able to eventually choose from more hunter types as well.

Smith expects Nevermoor to launch in North America this October. “We wanted the game to be available for Halloween parties. There are currently no Europe or Japan releases planned as we’d like to see how well it does in the North American market on Wii U; Steam will likely be worldwide, though language support is still a barrier we need to address.”

It’s possible Nevermoor could also see a release on Nintendo 3DS or even Nintendo’s next home video game platform, codenamed “NX,” according to Smith. “I think that’s entirely up to how well sales go on Wii U and later Steam, and how easily Nintendo supports indie development on the NX. As this is our debut title, we are putting all of our focus on Wii U first and foremost, but other releases on Nintendo platforms will likely be our next steps if they are viable to us as a studio.”

Smith personally believes Nintendo NX “will be something that allows Nintendo to continue to compete with other next-gen consoles while appealing to an even wider fanbase.” And as a Nintendo fan, he says he has “always loved and trusted Nintendo’s direction when it comes to consoles and games” and looks forward to their new system.

For a better understanding of how Nevermoor incorporates its 3 vs. 1 player action, check out the video below. Faustian Games plans to release new footage soon, so be on the lookout for that.

Nevermoor Early Alpha Gameplay Trailer

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