Indie Developer Removes “Nintendo NX” Logo From Trailer

Indie Developer Removes

Developer VD-Dev Games has removed the “Nintendo NX” logo from a recent announcement trailer for their upcoming game, RISE: Race the Future.

When the French studio announced their futuristic racing game last Tuesday, Nintendo fans were excited to see the “Nintendo NX” logo — an unofficial fan-made image — brandished at the tail-end of the game’s trailer as one of the supported platforms.

Shortly after the trailer released, Nintendo News reached out to VD-Dev Games for more clarification. While the studio admitted they do not yet have NX development kits in their possession, they did say they would support all Nintendo consoles including Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo’s upcoming home video game console, codenamed “NX.”

A few days after the announcement trailer was published, VD-Dev Games edited the video, censoring the “Nintendo NX” logo. Once again, Nintendo News caught up to the developer for additional clarification, asking them why the logo no longer appears and if Nintendo requested they remove it.

“We are sorry, but we can’t answer this question for now,” a representative from the studio told us today. “We’ll communicate on the Nintendo NX when it’s launched next year.”

RISE: Race the Future is currently being developed — in collaboration with professional automotive designer Anthony Jannarelly — for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and mobile devices. VD-Dev Games plans to release the game later this year.

Below is the edited announcement trailer for the game. The placeholder area that previously displayed the “Nintendo NX” logo is now blurred.

RISE: Race the Future Announcement Trailer

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  1. I just wonder if “NX” will actually be the name of the console.

    It kind of makes sense if it means “Nintendo Cross”, as in “home console cross (X) handheld”.

    We’ll see, I certainly wouldn’t have believed “Wii” or “Wii U” to be the names of those consoles either if they were leaked beforehand.


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