Grass Cutter The Legend of Kusakari Hits 3DS in August

The Legend of Kusakari, a Zelda-inspired indie game about cutting grass in a timely manner, arrives on the Nintendo 3DS eShop this month.

Developed by Japanese studio Librage, Australian developer and publisher Nnooo announced today that they will publish The Legend of Kusakari in the West on August 25. The game’s English announcement trailer, published in February 2016, has received its fair share of criticism — from its notable Zelda similarities to its terrible trumpet melodies heard throughout.

In May, Kenichi Fujimoto, a localization manager at Librage, told Nintendo News there’s a good reason for the horrendous trumpet player. “This trumpeter has something to do with somebody in the game,” he said. “You could say there is a family resemblance between the bad trumpeter and the man in charge … perhaps this bad trumpeter used family connections to get his band membership. It might be more than anyone’s job is worth to point out this bad trumpeter’s shortfalls!”

But there’s more to the game than merely slashing grass. “We also wanted to have a story hook to keep the player interested,” Fujimoto said. “In The Legend of Kusakari, you are a humble grass cutter [who keeps] the battlefields clean so brave warriors can focus on defeating evil and eventually the evil King!”

Fujimoto also told Nintendo News there’s a possibility The Legend of Kusakari could see a release on other Nintendo platforms. “If enough players in the West request it on Wii U or Nintendo NX, we will definitely consider it.”

Fans in America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand can find The Legend of Kusakari on their respective eShops starting on August 25. Pricing is set at $4.99 (US), €4.99 (EUR), £3.99 (UK), $6.99 (AUS), and $7.99 (NZ).

The Legend of Kusakari ( シバ・カーリーの伝説) debuted on the Japanese 3DS eShop in May 2015.

The Legend of Kusakari – Announcement Trailer

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