Explody Bomb Costs One Penny on the Wii U eShop

Indie developer Alkterios Games’ dual screen action game Explody Bomb could be the first-ever Wii U eShop game to be priced at one penny.

Derek Rumpler, the studio’s founder and developer, told Nintendo News the reduced price is to celebrate the game’s one year anniversary. “The birthday of the game was on September 10,” Rumpler said. “There was a new patch and I wanted people to try it and talk about the game.”

Fans of Flappy Bird-like gameplay have until Monday, September 19 to purchase Explody Bomb for one cent — down 99 percent from its normal price of $0.99. Alkterios Games has also temporarily reduced the price of their other Wii U eShop game, Hold Your Fire: A Game About Responsibility, from $1.99 to $0.99.

The object of Explody Bomb is simple enough. The TV screen displays a plane, which players must pilot to shoot down enemies also displayed on the TV screen. Simultaneously, players use the Wii U GamePad to guide a bomb — suspended by a rope from the plane — safely through obstacles. (I downloaded and played the game for about ten minutes, and the constant back-and-forth style of gameplay between the TV and Wii U GamePad reminded me a lot of how Star Fox Guard works.)

As far as Nintendo News is aware, Explody Bomb is the first game to be priced at $0.01 on the Wii U eShop. But even if Rumpler wanted to offer it as a free download, he doubts that would work. “Nintendo takes a percentage of every sale so they obviously wouldn’t want to give everything away.”

Rumpler also told Nintendo News his studio plans to announce Every Bot is Sacred, a retro-styled puzzle game for the Wii U eShop, next week. The game should see a release later this year or in early 2017.

“We plan on bringing more to Nintendo consoles soon, including the NX if we are able to do so, and plan on expanding to other platforms, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at some point,” Rumpler further explained.

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