DSiWare Game Zombie Blaster to Return From the Dead

DSiWare Game Zombie Blaster to Return From the Dead

Indie studio Enjoy Gaming’s DSiWare game Zombie Blaster was removed from the 3DS eShop, but it’s set to return once an ESRB issue is settled.

Zombie Blaster, released in North America on October 10, was removed from Nintendo eShop mere weeks after making its debut. Following its removal, Nintendo News contacted the game’s publishing company, Enjoy Gaming, for an explanation.

It turns out there was a discrepancy with the title’s ESRB rating, which triggered Nintendo to bury it 6 feet under. The publisher told Nintendo News the issue has been fixed and that the title will return once Nintendo approves the updated changes.

“It was removed due to an error in the ESRB rating embedded in the code,” a representative said. “ESRB re-rated the game as Teen with descriptors and Nintendo took the product out of eShop because the parental controls were then wrong. The code has now been altered and resubmitted to Nintendo for their normal checks before it will be re released on eShop in the not too distant future.”

Hopefully Zombie Blaster will return to the 3DS eShop in time for Halloween.


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