Back to Bed Still Set to Sleepwalk on Wii U in 2016

Back to Bed Still Set to Sleepwalk on Wii U in 2016
Image: Bedtime Digital Games

Indie developer Bedtime Digital Games’ isometric sleepwalking puzzler Back to Bed is still planned for a 2016 release on the Wii U eShop.

Nintendo News recently asked Klaus Pedersen, the studio’s co-founder and CEO, some questions related to the game’s current status, other development projects, and how he personally envisions Nintendo’s next-gen video game platform, codenamed Nintendo “NX.”

While Back to Bed has already launched across multiple platforms including Steam, mobile, and Sony’s PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, the 12-person crew at Bedtime Digital has one person in charge of porting the game to Wii U. According to Pedersen, a 2016 release on Nintendo’s eShop is still on track.

Back to Bed tasks the player with controlling narcoleptic Bob’s subconscious guardian named Subob; when Bob drifts into his deep slumber, it’s the player’s job to guide him through dangers and safely “back to bed.” The game’s surreal and picturesque art style has earned it numerous rewards, and it has been generally well-received among critics.

Back to Bed running on a Wii U dev kit. (Photo: Klaus Pedersen/ Bedtime Digital Games)

In addition, Bedtime Digital Games is responsible for two other titles. Chronology, released in 2014 on Steam and mobile devices, is described as “a puzzle-platform adventure where the player defies time by manipulating the past and the future in order to fix the present.” However, Pedersen is confident Chronology won’t see a future release on any Nintendo platform. On the other hand, Figment, an isometric adventure game with a similar feel to Back to Bed, could launch on “NX” if the cards are right.

“We really hope [Nintendo ‘NX’] will be powerful enough to run current-gen console games, which is the target platform for Figment,” Pedersen explained. “We hope ‘NX’ and Unity will integrate well, and we hope the publishing system will be less bureaucratic and more indie friendly.”

To get a better understanding of what Back to Bed is all about and how it works, feel free to check out the game’s launch trailer below.

Back to Bed – Launch Trailer

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