Axiom Verge a Strong Possibility for 2016 Wii U Release

Axiom Verge a Strong Possibility for 2016 Wii U Release

Fans of the classic side-scrolling action-adventure genre will be happy to know that indie title Axiom Verge could see a Wii U eShop release in 2016.

Earlier today, there was talk on the Internet that Axiom Verge could see a release on Wii U next year. For clarification purposes, we asked the game’s developer, Tom Happ, to confirm whether or not a 2016 release on Wii U was indeed possible. “Yeah, it’s a strong possibility,” Happ told us.

Inspired by titles such as Metroid, Contra, and Bionic Commando, Axiom Verge puts players in control of a scientist named Trace. The object of the game is to explore a plethora of levels in a high-tech world filled with creepy monsters and gigantic bosses. There’s a large number of weapons and items along the way, too.

A project that started in March 2010 as a part-time hobby turned into a real life product five years later. In March 2015, Axiom Verge released on PlayStation 4. In May, it launched on Windows, Mac, and Linux. A PlayStation Vita version is also planned for release.

The game’s art, programming, music, and design are all handled by Happ himself. We’ll keep you updated on the latest from Tom Happ Games and the status of the Wii U version of Axiom Verge. In the meantime, check out the gameplay trailer below.

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Axiom Verge Gameplay Trailer


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