Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Demo Version Available

A Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice demo has arrived on the Nintendo 3DS eShop ahead of the game’s full release next month.

Made available today in both North America and Europe, “the free demo features a section from the game’s first courtroom clash (Episode 1: The Foreign Turnabout) between Phoenix Wright and his new adversary, royal priestess Rayfa, in the foreign Kingdom of Khura’in,” Capcom announced today.

According to the U.S. eShop, players must have 890 Blocks of free space on their system to download the demo, which has 30 uses.

In addition to the demo, Capcom released an 8-minute English prologue video, giving fans a glimpse at events that take place before the story of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. “The rumblings of a legal revolution begin to show face in the Kingdom of Khura’in. Meanwhile, it’s business as usual with Phoenix and friends taking on a zany trial back in the United States, when suddenly Phoenix receives a mysterious and startling phone call that draws him to the Kingdom of Khura’in.”

Spirit of Justice is Capcom’s sixth installment in the Ace Attorney series. The full game launches digitally in North America and Europe on September 8.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Prologue

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