You’re Invited To An Egg-citing Yoshi Easter Egg Hunt


Yoshi Easter Egg Hunt

An adventurous Easter egg hunt awaits fans who visit the official Yoshi’s New Island website. This isn’t egg-xactly what one would call an ordinary scavenger outing, either. Eight colorful and well-hidden eggs are cleverly scattered throughout various nooks and crannies of the website. Each egg reveals its own secret tip — one that players can use to their advantage while playing Yoshi’s New Island, for Nintendo 3DS.

Of course, if you don’t have time to participate that’s OK! We’ve scoured the website and fetched up all the colorful eggs and have provided the tips below for you. You can also just view the tips by clicking their respective images below.

Warning: spoiled egg alerts!

Yoshi Easter Egg Hunt Tips

  1. Looks can be deceiving — some stages have walls that aren’t really walls. Be on the lookout for fake walls that hide collectibles!
  2. Low on Stars? Throw a red egg at an enemy and reap the rewards.
  3. So many collectibles, so little time. But don’t forget — you will be rewarded for nabbing entire sets of collectibles!
  4. Some green pipes lead to secret areas. Press down or jump up into them to check them for portals.
  5. Not all Winged Clouds are visible at first. Flutter Jump around stages to find them.
  6. Regular Flutter Wings not helping enough? No worries — if you’re still having trouble, Mr. Pipe will soon spit out Invincibility Flutter Wings.
  7. Spy an out-of-reach collectible? Try tossing an egg at it to pick it up.
  8. Not all enemies can be made into eggs, but that’s OK — just spit those enemies back out at obstacles.
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