Terraria Developer Explains Nintendo 3DS Limitations

Terraria Developer Explains Nintendo 3DS Limitations

Terraria, the 2D action platformer from Re-Logic and 505 Games, has finally arrived on Nintendo 3DS — along with some necessary limitations.

According to a post by developer 505 Games on the game’s official forums, Terraria for 3DS retains much of the gameplay and aesthetics fans of the game have come to know and love, while still accounting for the limitations inherent to the platform.

No 3D Support

One such limitation is the graphics. Terraria only plays in 2D, the developer said in a frequently asked questions post.

“The way the graphics layers work on 3DS was not conducive to a really exciting effect,” a spokesperson for 505 Games wrote. “And the technical overheard [sic] required to run the game in 3D would have meant compromises in terms of world size and other gameplay-damaging areas.”

Additionally, while the 3DS port includes just about everything from Terraria’s version 1.2 release, graphical limitations prevented the developers from adding dyes to the game. To make up for that, the developers have “added Minecarts, Fishing and a few 1.3 UI options,” as well as an all new interface designed specifically for the 3DS.

Local Multiplayer and World Size

Terraria supports up to three extra players in Local Play, provided that each player has their own copy of the game. However, due to limitations on the world size, 505 Games said that cross-play between 3DS players and Wii U players would not be possible; the size of the world peaks at 1750 by 900 blocks (one block equals two feet), and players can save up to three world files on their device.

These compromises were made in order to ensure a level playing field, according to 505 Games.

“This is as large as the original 3DS can handle,” they said. “We are investigating the possibility of introducing larger worlds as a New 3DS-exclusive feature in future.”

Terraria is available on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99, and a physical release is currently planned for early 2016.

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