StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Version 3.3 Now Available


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Today’s 3DS system update — a new firmware update (version 7.0.0-13U) added Miiverse, Nintendo Network, and a combined eShop accounts —  isn’t the only instance of digitally delightful downloading that has happened today. Many of you may have also noticed a new SpotPass notification for a new version of StreetPass Mii Plaza on your 3DS. The version 3.3 is currently available and fixes a bug found when making purchases.

We’re still scouring with keen peeled eyes and will provide published updates if any changes are found. It’s worth noting that the new update took a good deal of time to download (about 10 minutes), so chances are there’s something worthy hiding out somewhere. The previous StreetPass Mii Plaza update (version 3.2) fixed issues found in the Mii Force and Warrior’s Way mini games.

We urge everyone to let us know if you come across anything interesting. We’ve also contacted Nintendo for a full list of changes for this new update.


  1. I may have missed this previously, but in the Puzzle Swap game, it now tells you how many of 929 pieces you have collected, and it shows the total as a number.

  2. One thing that I noticed is that in 3.2, enemy names on the results screen in Find Mii II/StreetPass Quest II were all lowercase. 3.3 returns enemy names to the first letter being capitalized. Other than that, nothing seems to have happened.

  3. So far, I think the only change is the integration of the Nintendo Network ID. I’ve not checked anything much as of yet, but no cosmetic changes have been noted. Hopefully, Nintendo can say what’s actually changed over the new update.

  4. This thing fails to update. Always gives error about failing to update, thinking I’m not connected to the internet


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