Rune Factory 4 Download Size, North America

Rune Factory 4 Download Size, North America

XSEED Games’ popular simulation/role-playing title Rune Factory 4 was released in North American in retail stores and on the 3DS eShop on Tuesday, October 1st. If you’re planning to go the digital route, be prepared to have 10,964 Blocks (approx. 1.34 GB) of free space available on your SD card.

Rune Factory 4 Overview

Fall headfirst into a magical world!

Dive deep into a brand new adventure in the Rune Factory series!

Establish a new life in a new country, developing relationships, cultivating the land and adventuring with comrades on an epic quest that begins with a humble tumble. Designed for beginners and series veterans alike!

Plan your battle strategies with a wide selection of weapons and items!

Use various weapons, skills and magic to personalize your battle tactics against formidable monsters in trap-laden dungeons. Recruit the local townsfolk, befriend wild monsters and grow stronger together!

Pursue a passionate romance as a male or female character!

Choose either a male or female hero and seek in-depth relationships with the other townsfolk. Develop true bonds with a select candidate by socializing and giving gifts, then spend time together as a couple to deepen your romantic ties, ultimately leading to marriage and even the birth of an adorable child!

Rune Factory 4 Download Size
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  1. It’s just one of those unfortunate happenings, the lack of attention that Rune Factory 4 has gotten since its release. I was dumbfounded why Nintendo didn’t at least mention the game in the last Nintendo Direct. They only mentioned the new Etrian Odyssey though.

    Rune Factory is a great series, I hope Nintendo gives it some love so the media can talk a bit more about it. But perhaps this is a game that will fall through the cracks.


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