Project X Zone 2 Demo Arrives on U.S. 3DS eShop Today

Project X Zone 2 Demo Arrives on U.S. 3DS eShop Today

Ahead of its mid-February release, fans in North America can download a demo for Bandai’s latest crossover RPG fighting game, Project X Zone 2, later today.

The forthcoming demo should be identical to the one recently released in Europe which includes a 30-play limit, the first handful of chapters, and an introduction for many of the game’s colorful cast of characters. Chances are, fans won’t have any objections.

In the full version of the game, players can choose to play as characters Chrom and Lucina from the Fire Emblem series, Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles, KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, among many others. As with the original Project X Zone game (also on Nintendo 3DS), familiar faces from Capcom and SEGA will be present on the battlefields set in Japan’s Roppongi district.

Players interested in purchasing the full version of Project X Zone 2 will be happy to know they can receive a — currently unknown — bonus when beginning a new game with the demo’s save data; however, players must first beat the demo before being rewarded a bonus.

The European release of Project X Zone 2 arrives at retailers and on the eShop starting February 12, 2016; it will launch in the North American region four days later, on February 19. The game debuted in Japan on November 12, 2015.

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