Pokémon Sun & Moon Starter Evolutions, Special Demo Revealed

Starter evolutions for Pokémon Sun & Moon, a Special Demo featuring Ash-Greninja, and a new feature called Festival Plaza have been revealed.

Dartrix, a Grass/Flying-type Pokémon, is the evolution of Rowlet and has the Ability Overgrow. Torracat, a Fire-type, is Litten’s evolution and knows the Ability Blaze. And Brionne, a Water-type Pokémon with the Ability Torrent, is Popplio’s evolution. What will the partner Pokémon evolve into next?

In addition to the Starter evolutions, The Pokémon Company announced that a Special Demo Version for Pokémon Sun & Moon will become available to download from the eShop on Tuesday, October 18. The demo lets Trainers to use Ash-Greninja, which they can then transfer to the full version of the game.

A new online feature introduced is Festival Plaza. Players can battle and trade with other players and complete missions to earn FC, or Festival Coins. Players can spend FC in a variety of shops to play different courses, which strengthen their Pokémon, according to the trailer below.

Finally, a tropical paradise called Poké Peligo is a place where Pokémon (from your PC Boxes) can go play various mini-games. Attract wild Pokémon to have them join your game, let your Pokémon search for valuable items, or train your Pokémon — all activities offered on Poké Peligo.

Check out the new trailer below to see everything in full-color action. Worth noting the video confirms that Mega Evolution will return to Sun & Moon. Mega Lucario, Mega Kangaskhan, and Mega Salamence can be seen pummeling their opponents.

Pokémon Sun & Moon Starter Evolutions, Special Demo Version, Festival Plaza & More

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon on Nintendo 3DS debuts in North America and Japan on November 18. Both games will launch in Europe a few days later on November 23.

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