New Pokémon Magiana Hits Cover of March 2016 CoroCoro

New Pokémon Magiana Hits Cover of March 2016 CoroCoro

The silhouette of a new Pokémon named Magiana (マギアナ) brandishes the cover of the March 2016 CoroCoro Comic, with more details set to be revealed soon.

Japan’s CoroCoro Comic will make its public release within the week, but details about the new Pokémon will likely surface before then. Aside from Magiana’s silhouette, nothing is currently known; it may or may not be part of Generation 7.

It’s worth noting that this is only the Japanese name of the new Pokémon, so it’s entirely possible the Western name will be different.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our social media outlets. Until then, here’s an image of the March 2016 CoroCoro Comic.

Update: The first official image (below) of Magiana has been revealed. No type was given, but Japanese text says it was created by humans.

The Pokémon stands at 3.28 feet (1m) tall and weighs 177.5 pounds (80.5kg). It appears to have a metallic body with a gear-shaped head. Only Volcanion knows the secret behind Magiana.

Magiana (マギアナ) – March 2016 CoroCoro Comic

New Pokémon Magiana Hits Cover of March 2016 CoroCoro


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  1. Aaand this is the part where I fall on my sword. I’ll learn to read the whole article next time before I post. HIDING IN EMBARRASSMENT NOW

  2. That’s from February 2016… And we do know what it looks like (search Magearna serebii). Nice fake piece doe ??


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