Junichi Masuda Explains French Inspiration in Pokémon X & Y

Junichi Masuda Explains French Inspiration in Pokémon X & Y

Pokémon X & Y director Junichi Masuda explained the French inspiration that influenced the development of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games.

Aside from France being well-known for its fashion and cuisine, Masuda said it is the most-visited country in the world. The setting takes place in Kalos, which is the Greek word for “beauty.”

Masuda emphasized that the Kalos region is not an exact replica of France; however the games’ theme is largely centered around beauty. Many landmarks in Kalos are inspired by actual landmarks, such as Carnac stones found on the western portion of the map.

In 2010, after the completion of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, Masuda traveled to France for one month. The following year, he returned with some staff members to perform additional research about the country.

It was then that Paris became the main inspiration for the setting found in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y due to its immense beauty.

In addition, Masuda revealed a brand-new sword-like Pokémon named Honedge.

Junichi Masuda Explains the French Inspiration in Pokémon X & Y

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