Get Ready For National StreetPass Weekend Beginning This Saturday


National StreetPass Weekend

Is your Mii ready to start mingling?

On Saturday, December 14th and Sunday, December 15th, more than 29,000 Nintendo Zone locations across the United States and Canada will be all mixed up. That means Nintendo 3DS owners will have the chance to meet other players from all over the country. This is a terrific opportunity for fans to populate their Mii Plazas, make friends, and even battle each other in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

For our fans able to get out there and take advantage of National StreetPass Weekend, we hope you have an enjoyable two days. And may it be filled with the countless accumulation of StreetPass tags and the making of new friends. A special Nintendo Zone-exclusive episode of Dinosaur Office will also be distributed.



  1. I’d say this was a successfull weekend. I only took my 3DS out on Saturday for 3hrs. I went to a Starbucks, Gamestop, the mall, and near a McDonalds. I picked up 24 tags I think. Not bad for 3hrs.

  2. This is awesome, but one small question. If I keep going back to the nintendo zones near me multiple times saturday and sunday, will I keep getting different streetpass people due to this?

    • Hello, Leonaidas.

      You can continue to visit any Nintendo Zone location as often as you wish on either day. You may end up tagging the same Mii(s), but you’ll also tag any new ones. Be sure to check your 3DS often, as the maximum number of Miis is limited to 10. After that, no more new ones will be added to your Mii Plaza until you check them on your system. Enjoy!


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