Final Starter Evolutions Unveiled for Pokémon Sun & Moon

Final Starter Evolutions Unveiled for Pokémon Sun & Moon

A new trailer has revealed Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina as the final Starter evolutions for Pokémon Sun & Moon’s partner Pokémon.

Decidueye, a dual Grass/Ghost-type Pokémon, evolves from Dartrix. Its unique Ghost-type physical move called Spirit Shackle blocks opponents from fleeing during battle or switching out for an ally. Decidueye has the Ability Overgrow.

Incineroar is the final evolution of Litten. It is a dual Fire/Dark-type Pokémon that knows the Ability Blaze. Its signature Dark-type physical move, Darkest Lariat, allows Incineroar to deal damage while ignoring the effects of any stat changes that the target might otherwise be affected by.

Primarina was introduced. It evolves from Brionne and is the final evolution for Popplio. Categorized as a Soloist Pokémon, Primarina is dual Water/Fairy-type and knows the Ability Torrent. Its unique Water-type move Sparkling Aria can heals the burns of any target it strikes.

In addition to the final Starter evolutions, new Alola region Guardian Pokémon were revealed. Tapu Lele is Akala Island’s Guardian, Tapu Bulu is Ula’ula Island’s Guardian, and Tapu Fini is Poni Island’s Guardian. All Guardian Pokémon share a unique Z-Move called Guardian of Alola which, when used, deals damage equal to 75 percent of the target’s remaining HP.

Of course, new Pokémon were discovered in Alola. Cosmog is a Psychic-type creature with the Ability Unaware. Alolan Persian, a pure Dark-type Pokémon, is the Alola variant of Persian itself, and it knows the Ability Fur Coat or Technician.

New info was also shared about the Alolan Pokémon League, where players must climb Mount Lanakila to reach the summit. There, Trainers can battle and team up with other famous Trainers. You may even encounter familiar legends such as Pokémon Trainer Red and Pokémon Trainer Blue who will test your strength.

Pokémon Sun & Moon – Final Starter Evolutions

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon on Nintendo 3DS debut in North America and Japan on November 18. The European region will receive both games a few days later, on November 23.

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