Fans Want Metroid Prime: Federation Force Canceled

Fans Want Metroid Prime: Federation Force Canceled

Thousands of Nintendo fans have banded together in an effort to have Nintendo cancel development of Metroid Prime: Federation Force on Nintendo 3DS.

Livid fans lashed out on Tuesday after Nintendo revealed Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the newest title in the Metroid series, during the Nintendo Digital Event. Fans caught an early glimpse of the game on Sunday during the Nintendo World Championships 2015, but many didn’t realize it was a new Metroid entry in disguise.

One fan created a petition to have Nintendo cancel the game. The petition asks for 15,000 supporters. At the time of this writing, 12,225 Nintendo fans have inked in their digital signatures in favor of canceling the game.

If the petition amasses 15,000 supporters, the petition’s letter will be sent to Nintendo for them to see.

That’s not the only place fans have expressed their negative feelings, either. The official Metroid Prime: Federation Force E3 2015 launch trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube channel displays fans’ distaste; the video currently has 486,000 views with 4,500 likes and nearly 45,000 dislikes.

While many Metroid fans didn’t receive the game they’d hoped for, Metroid Prime series director Kensuke Tanabe said yesterday that he wants to make a sequel to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. In fact, he further revealed that if he makes one, it will likely be released on Nintendo NX instead of Wii U.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is scheduled to launch in 2016.

Do you agree with fans petitioning Nintendo to cancel the newest, portable title in the Metroid series?


  1. Iwata Satoru passed away ever. You so called Nintendo fans were being WAY too harsh. Instead of the game being cancelled, his LIFE was cancelled instead. Happy now? I myself am a video gamer and have high expectations but I have lines I will never cross. And what do I see? People who crossed over said lines heavily. What a sad world this is. Humans are magnificent beings but at the same time, they are monsters.

  2. This game is the biggest insult to fans that Nintendo has done yet.
    They KNOW what they are doing, they KNOW that millions of people wait for a good new Metroid for MUCH more then 5 years. Did really THAT many people think that Prime was a great series? I mean, the first time it was kinda interresting, but running around in a slow and sluggish tank of a space suit, is just not Metroid. Samus moves like an acrobat that grew up with “acrobat masters”, not like a drunk, trying to move on one leg… This game is even worse then anything they have KNOWINGLY done to the franchise before. I mean… die you even see the idiotic woman that you play in Other M? “Uhhh, sir, may i use my blaster?” “nope” “ok”… No matter how good the gameplay is, the story just DESTORYS it.

    Imagine YOUR favorite franchise, and before the action happens, the main character pulls down his pants, farts, and says “ima wittle baby!”, and then you are supposed to… fight something, or solve a crime or god knows what… NO! Just NO! I can’t imagine that anyone could watch his favorite character do something this stupid and unfitting, and then go back to action. Just look at the sonic franchise, every 5 seconds somthing happens, that just has nothing to do with the characters, and you have to stop your “immersion” and think, “man… this really is not my hero”… Last time i saw knuckles, he threw himself into Eggmans attack, to stop that sky island from falling… And suddenly he is just… a fat idiot! WTF???

    Developers should not be allowed to do such things. If the genre or established main characters change, games should have a BIG warning on them. Like every final fantasy that was not by Squaresoft, the new Warhammer 40K which is basically Plants vs Zombies… things that… just are NOT related to the GOOD games, with the same name. Example:
    – A company makes 10 games with the name X. Another company buys the name, and makes X 11. Game needs a warning label.
    – A game had 3 titles, all RTS. They release a new game, which is a puzzle game. game needs a warning label.
    – Series has 3 titles, all about “Mr. X”. 4th title in the series gets release, and is about Mrs.Y for NO good reason. Game needs a warning label.

    Why do we have stupid stickers, that tell us that we should no give games to kids, where the cover is already literally dripping in blood, but we don’t get warnings about things that completely destroy the product? In every other industry, stuff gets quality tested, and you get a sign on the package, that guarantees you that it’s NOT a cheap piece of garbage.
    Is it so hard, to find one, or a few guys, that know a game, look at it, and say “No, that’s totally not the game you say that it is. It’s called super terminator 13, but here i am catching fish… you need to tell people that this is NOT like super terminator 1-12 AT ALL”…

    It’s so sad how far we are away from this. Developers are allowed to write “There are 1 million dollars in this box!” on the cover, ask for 100$, and give you an empty box. That is COMPLETELY legal at the moment. Nintendo has done this hundreds of times now, and if you check out Steam Early Access, you will find it many many thousand times more often…

    It’s completely legal to show a video of a game, make it 100$, and when you buy it, you just get to download the video… “What? you thought there was more to the game? No, the video IS the game! We never promised that we would actually keep working on this game / ever actually make a real game, lol, bye!”

    As long as this is legal, companies WILL abuse this to make money. As you can see, even Nintendo has to straight up LIE to their customers. Promising us a Metroid game for the Wii U, and then renaming the next best 5$ dollar game to Metroid, is NOT fulfilling that promise. That’s like promising your girlfriend Candi, and then you go visit a stripper with her… JUST because it sounds like the same thing, it doesn’t make it right! We still want a REAL Metroid game for the Wii U. It’s such a scam, i only bought the console because Nintendo Promised us “GOOD game of ALL major franchises” aka Mario/Zelda/Metroid. Still waiting for a SINGLE good game for Wii U. Why would anyone buy the next console? Because they promise us “GOOD games of ALL major franchises”? Sounds GREAT, but sorry, some jerk already tricked me with that, think his name was NINTENDO!

    Freaking scam artists… Wish their freaking company would burn down, and they have to start from scratch. When they started their company, and had to make money to survive. their games were WAY better then now… Now they are just laying back and pooping out one insult after another.

    I am just amazed that nobody walked up to those guys and just punched them in the nuts.
    No, in japan you have to be ashamed, if you dont have the same opinion as “everyone else” and “everyone” loves Nintendo…

    You know what? Let me bring this retarded argument for once… “The people in Japan, that like Nintendo, are just… *drumroll* A VOCAL MINORITY!!! And because they are so loud and stupid, other people THINK that this is the opinion of “everyone”, and so easily, you would have to be ashamed, when you say that Nintendo is bad in public… XD

    Wish they were like us and someone would just… i don’t know… Throw a pie on the devs in public or something. just something that gets their attention and makes them see “Wow… being a bad game dev on purpose, and insulting people online, DOES affect the real world! Who would have thought?”

  3. Bravo, gamers, bravo. A fun, nice looking game is being developed for a series that hasn’t had an entry in 3-4 years and you’re all butt hurt…. Disgusting. This is why games can’t evolve if we stomp out the newest thing that shows difference! No matter how different a game is from its kin, only new people to the series will enjoy it at it’s peek.

    Live, Love, Learn. Light’s out.

  4. Well as Metroid: Other M’s reception showed, the Metroid fans are childish imbeciles who want things a very specific way and freak out like brats if it doesn’t match their idiotic fanon. And this is just a further example of their brattiness.

    No, Nintendo shouldn’t cancel this game, and I don’t think they’re dumb enough to let these twats ruin things for the more mature players.

    • As a Metroid fan since fusion all the way to other m, I can honestly say this game is not what any metroid fan would want after more than 4 years of waiting. Metroid in general should be focused about exploration, atmosphere, and generally the different feel they had compared to other games. Other M gameplay was fantastic. I liked it, Altho the story and the reason she couldn’t use her abilities until later in the game was a bit retarded. Still a good game tho. Why would you want metroid any other way? It was perfect and still is just the way it is. Diffrent from everything else and full of adventure.

      • What Metroid “should” be is whatever Kensuke Tanabe and his team want it to be. And regardless of that, whether or not you like the concept of this game is irrelevant. Starting a petition to have a game cancelled because you don’t like it is one of the most idiotic, selfish things I’ve ever seen and I’m just outright disgusted that people can be that stupid and immature. If you don’t like something, then don’t play it. Don’t go about trying to ruin things for others. And yes that’s all this is, an attempt to ruin things for other people.

        There’s nothing “noble” about this idiot or his 12 000 other idiots. They’re a bunch of selfish, immature brats who’re pissed that things aren’t exactly what they want. And the “my way or no way” attitude is an extremely selfish one.

  5. I just wish people would actually give this game a chance, i understand the surprise over this game, it was not at ALL what we expected. But when you read up on it expanding the Metroid prime world I think it sounds awesome! plus co op shooters are the bomb! I think it looks fun and kudos to the producer for having the courage to branch out and change things up!

    People seriously need to chill out, if its not their thing whatever, I have no doubt that there will be a Metroid in the future that will cater to all the butt hurt out there. For now though I am excited for federation force! I’m gonna buy it, and I’m super excited to see how it expands upon the Metroid universe READ THIS if you want to learn more about the ACTUAL game

  6. Wow some people are just so ridiculous. To petition for a game to be canceled, just because it’s not the game they want. So because you don’t want it no one should get to see what it’s about…

  7. I don’t see what the big deal is. I LOVE the Metroid games, and I was really excited to see the trailer for Federation Force. I hope Nintendo doesn’t cancel what could turn out to be a really fun game just because some fans are “displeased”. We’ll get another numbered Metroid Prime game, and we’ll have to wait just as long whether Nintendo cancels Federation Force or not, so just let it happen. I for one really am looking forward to Federation Force! :)

  8. Why would anyone be so opposed to a game being released? Others may still get enjoyment out of it even if you don’t. Nobody’s holding a gun to your head and making you play it.

  9. I love game so far since its a different take on metroid and i just want more metroid univers. Pluse coop but i do agree it has to feel wierd playing a metroid game where you dont feel alone. And the ball game i feel like eh its free.


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