Corpse Party to Haunt Nintendo 3DS in Time for Halloween

Gruesome survival-horror adventure game Corpse Party will haunt Nintendo 3DS on October 25, publisher XSEED Games announced on Thursday.

For the first time ever, this remastered version of the original Corpse Party, a cult classic among a loyal following of fans, will release in physical format across North America. The “Back to School Edition” physical release includes figurines modeled after two of the game’s characters, Naomi Nakashima and Seiko Shinohara.

Corpse Party on Nintendo 3DS “is the definitive version of the classic horror tale that spans over 50 years of tragedy, where player choices determine both how the story ends and who lives to see it through,” according to XSEED Games.

In Corpse Party, players are challenged to helping a group of high school students escape a haunted elementary school. On their adventure, they will interact with objects, characters, and dangerous monsters; based on characters’ decisions, different — often violent — scenarios can take place such as repeatedly stabbing others with a pair of scissors or a knife.

Thanks to localization efforts, the 3DS version is fully voiced “and utilizes the exact same Japanese-language voice recordings as the PSP version of the game, in all their 3D binaural glory.”

Nintendo fans can look forward to four exclusive chapters, for a total of fourteen, not available on any other platform. And new music will include “a really awesome arrangement of the classic Chapter 1 BGM.”

The “Back to School Edition” arrives in retail stores at the suggested retail price of $49.99 on Tuesday, October 25. Alternatively, Corpse Party will be available on Nintendo eShop in North America for $29.99. It will launch digitally in Europe and Australia on October 26.

Are you a fan of Corpse Party? If so will you be picking it up at a retail store, or will you choose the digital version? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our social media channels.

Until XSEED Games releases the official Corpse Party launch trailer, you can check out the game’s E3 2016 trailer below.