1,200 Pounds Of Nintendo 3DS/DS Games Looks Like This


1,200 Pounds Of Ninendo 3DS/DS Games Looks Like This

We’re not exactly sure if this story should be chalked up as a loss or a memorable and celebratory milestone in Nintendo history — for its fans and the entirety of all mankind. But 1,200 pounds of Nintendo cartridges is something worth noting, however. And iCarly star Jennette McCurdy probably wouldn’t contest the heavily-weighted recycled evidence herein.

Reddit user HxCurt has shared an image that gives the world a taste for what 1,200 pounds worth of Nintendo 3DS and DS cartridges looks like. That’s it, in the image above; feel free to click on it to sift through all 7,990,272 pixels.

HxCurt, who works at a recycling warehouse, claims the mountainous pile of portable games looks to be comprised mostly of — roughly 75% — Activision’s 2010 Nintendo DS title iCarly 2: iJoin the Click!. He also makes mention that the games are housed inside a reinforced 48x48x48-inch corrugated cardboard Gaylord box.

Other games scattered among the cornucopia of carts include: The Amazing Spider-Man (3DS), Rabbids in Time (3DS), Bakugan: Battle Brawlers (DS), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (DS), among others.

We haven’t performed calculations, but we’d love to know how much an individual Nintendo 3DS and DS cart weighs — we’re curious to know how many cheeseburgers, strips of bacon, and Nintendo 3DS systems 1,200 pounds equates to.

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