Voice Actress Carina Reeves Talks Career and Xenoblade

Voice Actress Carina Reeves Talks Career and Xenoblade

In Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii, she voiced Fiora. In the recently released Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U, she voiced the female Player Avatar in Classic gameplay. We’re talking about Carina Reeves, and she’s also responsible for voicing Kira from Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on Nintendo 3DS and Rosabeth of Melfia/Milfanito in Dark Souls II.

We recently caught up with Reeves to learn more about her career, inspirations, and experience as a voice actress. She also tells us she’s pretty good at football — that’s soccer for all you Westerners.

How did you get started in voice acting? What do you love most about it?

I first started voice acting when I finished my three-year Acting degree at Italia Conti drama school [in London]. We took voice classes five days a week, so the voice was a huge part of our training. In your third year at drama school, you are encouraged to write off to agents for representation and I was fortunate enough to sign with a voice over agent (Vocal Point) and haven’t looked back since. I love the freedom and spontaneity of voice-overs and the fact you don’t have to worry about forgetting your lines as the script is always in front of you!

Can you tell us some of the roles you’ve assumed during your career?

I’ve been really fortunate to have a variety of different roles in Theatre, TV, Film and Radio — from Coca-Cola commercials to playing an animation character in Cbeebies’ cartoon Chuggington and several video games such as Dark Souls II. In theatre I was recently a part of The Old Vic’s The 24 Hour Plays, and when I was younger I played the role of Young Cosette in Les Misérables and Oliver at the London Palladium in the West End — all of which were incredible to be a part of.

You seem to have dabbled in most forms of acting, from voice-overs to theatre. What kind of roles do you find most enjoyable?

I love the theatre. Each performance is never the same and you get to recreate your performance each night with an immediate reaction from a live audience. And there’s nothing like receiving immediate feedback from your audience. With video games, you normally have to wait a few months before you can get the audience’s reaction about the character.


Is there any other form of acting you’d like to have a shot at?

I’d love to be in a TV sitcom … something like The Office, Friends, the Inbetweeners or Bad Education.

In terms of inspirations, are there any actors/actresses you’re particularly fond of?

I’m a huge fan on Jennifer Lawrence; I love her energy and her honesty. I also admire the career of Judi Dench; her stamina and intensity is remarkable. And Idris Elba is such a phenomenal actor.

“I love video games. I’ve just got the new game Fallout 4 and I’m pretty good at FIFA.”

Aside from acting, what else do you love doing in your spare time? Your website tells us you’re highly trained in Dance!

Yes, I used to dance a lot and now not so much. I do miss it though. I like to keep fit, take my dog (Willow) for long country walks, and I really love shopping! A little bit too much!

Do you play video games yourself? If so, what are some of your favorites and why?

I love video games. I’ve just got the new game Fallout 4 and I’m pretty good at FIFA. I also have loads of games on my phone and play them a lot! My faves are Candy Crush, Mega Jump and Airport Mania!


Blast to the past here: How did you originally land the role of Fiora in Xenoblade Chronicles?

I was invited to have a voice test at the studios for the part of Fiora. You’re only given a few lines of the character’s description and I really like to explore the characters, so I gave them different elements of what I thought Fiora would sound like and how she would respond in certain situations. And within a couple of days, I found out I landed the role.

How would you describe Fiora’s character to us?

I would say that Fiora is an energetic, kind and caring person who wants to help everyone. She is very likable and has a sweet personality.

How much of her personality did you influence?

I would say we are quite similar in personalities. I’m a very kind and caring person just like Fiora.

Let’s press on and on and ON! Xenoblade Chronicles is well-known its characters’ persistently corny dialogue both during and at the end of battle. The back and forth banter between characters made the game very memorable. Do you have any favorite lines?

“Sometimes, you just gotta get wild!” and “I’ll carry on fighting beside you until the very end!”

You provided Fiora’s voice once more for the “Classic” option of the female Player Avatar in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Were you directly approached to return to the series?

Yes, I was lucky enough to be approached by Nintendo and was so excited to revisit Xenoblade Chronicles.

If you’ve happened to play both Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X, which game do you prefer and why?

Definitely Xenoblade Chronicles, as I love the battle scenes.

Story-wise, would you have preferred a direct follow-up to Xenoblade Chronicles?

No, because I think that it gives the players time to get to know the characters and find all the secret elements in the game.


Shulk’s already had the spotlight in Super Smash Bros. and now Fiora’s set to be a playable character in Project X Zone 2. If the game was to receive an English dub overseas, would you be interested in lending your bubbly personality for Fiora again?

I would love to be the voice of Fiora again! Fingers crossed they make an English dub version!

“[I] have a very exciting video game project that I can’t talk about right now that I began recording in January.”

What are you currently working on? Are you searching for new roles and opportunities, or do you have something lined up?

I’m currently the voice of continuity on Nickelodeon and have a very exciting video game project that I can’t talk about right now that I began recording in January. All will be revealed next year, so keep an eye on my Twitter!

For our readers who are aspiring voice actors, what advice would you give them?

The voice is a muscle, so it must be trained. If you can take some voice lessons, that would really help. And also create a voice reel — that’s the greatest way to be heard. Make one with three sections of narrative and three commercials. If you are good at character voices then make sure you show them off, too. And most of all, be yourself!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell your fans?

Yes, I want to thank everyone so much for their lovely support and comments. I hope they enjoy my future projects, and here’s to an amazing 2016!

Nintendo News thanks Carina Reeves for sharing her warm thoughts with us, and we wish her the very best in everything she pursues. If you’d like to keep up with her projects, you find her on Twitter or check out her website.

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