Unofficial Metroid II Remake AM2R: A Post-launch Follow-up

Unofficial Metroid II Remake AM2R: A Post-launch Follow-up
Image: Azima Khan

Nintendo News talked to the developer of AM2R, an unofficial Metroid II remake that released early this month, to see how things were going.

Two days after “Another Metroid 2 Remake” launched on August 6 (the 30th anniversary of Metroid), Nintendo’s legal team quickly sealed known download links for the game along with multiple pages on the game’s official website. However, thousands of fans had already shared countless alternative download links for the game.

Fast-forward a few weeks later, AM2R’s creator, Milton Guasti, shared new information about the project — one that took him roughly a decade to complete. And he has already released update version 1.1, which mainly fixed an issue that caused Samus’ Gravity Suit from being displayed properly, rendering the game unplayable for some players.

“I keep the forum post updated with links that other people provide,” Milton recently told Nintendo News. “A takedown is always a possibility, but people will still find ways to share the game with friends, hopefully introducing them to the Metroid universe.”

Guasti said he was a bit surprised by how fast it took Nintendo’s legal representation to pick up the scent on the trail. “I knew this outcome would eventually happen, but I didn’t imagine it would be this early. I felt a bit discouraged, but the positive reception of the game by Metroid fans is good motivation.”

But when Nintendo News talked to Guasti before Nintendo went to work with their virtual gavels, he wasn’t worried about any form of legal action. “I’m trying my best to be respectful with the Metroid brand. Even if [Nintendo] issued a cease and desist at any minute, it’s not something that worries me.”

The next update for AM2R should be ready for release within the next week or so. “It’ll include some bug fixes and an updated soundtrack,” according to Guasti. In addition, a free album of the game’s new music will be available to download — in lossless format — the same day.

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