A Splatoon August Update Wishlist

A Splatoon August Update Wishlist

A few days ago we polled our readers, asking them what they wanted to see most when the Splatoon August update arrives in a few weeks. While we weren’t able to share each and every response, we did round up the most popular and noteworthy items of interest.

Listed below is the “Splatoon August Update Wishlist” — proposed changes or additions players would like to see incorporated, made possible by next month’s software update. If you have any thoughts that aren’t mentioned, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Increase the Maximum Level Cap


Splatoon is addicting. Some players have achieved the current maximum level of 20 in just a day or two. Interestingly, Nintendo never expected that milestone to be crushed in such little time. But level-maxed Splatooners can still rack up cash, upgrade gear, complete amiibo challenges, or even tackle the single-player campaign mode, Octo Valley.

It should go without saying that the August update will increase the max level cap to something that takes far more time to obtain. After all, a level 20 Splatoon player doesn’t necessarily mean he/she is superior to a level 10 Splatoon player; one just has more time on the battlefield than the other.

No News is Good News


Known as the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie provide players with the most up-to-date information around Inkopolis Plaza. At the top of every fourth hour, their “Stage News” segment reveals the current stages in the game’s map rotation for Regular and Ranked Battles.

Unfortunately, all players are forced to tune in while the sisters deliver the news. Button mashers can quickly cycle through the sisters’ spiel, but the whole process can become quite tedious — quite quickly.

At the very least, players would like to see a “skip” button added to the Stage News dialogue screen. In the game’s single player mode, Octo Valley, for example, players can skip the boss fight dialogue by simply pressing the “-” button on the Wii U GamePad.

Squidward DLC Costume


A Squidward DLC costume for Splatoon may seem a bit farfetched, but it’s not. In Japan there’s a popular anime series called Squid Girl. And the big Splatoon update in August will let owners of the Japanese version of the game don an Ika Musume costume — inspired after the main character from Squid Girl — for the Inkling Girl.

In America, SpongeBob SquarePants is quite popular among cartoon fans. In general, it’s a well-known series. Since Squidward is, you know, an octopus, it just makes sense for players in America to receive a similar DLC costume. It would also be a great opportunity for Nintendo to establish a fresh new business relationship with Nickelodeon and MTV.

More amiibo Support


Only three amiibo figures are currently compatible with Splatoon: Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid. Each offers unique gear, new mini-games, and replica weapons — unlocked after completing a series of fun, frustrating challenges.

Many fans haven’t been able to obtain Splatoon amiibo, so it would be nice of them to utilize a broader range of figures for the game to unlock fun bonuses. For example, each amiibo could unlock temporary Inkling outfits, much like how Mii outfits are used in Mario Kart 8. Or, they could unlock a certain amount of cash per day.

Playable Octoling


Splatoon Octolings can do everything their rival Inklings (players) can do; they just look different. Their octopus-like hair is just badass, too. Adding an option for players to choose between Octoling an Inkling would bring a new dynamic to the game, without [hopefully] significantly changing the formula.

A few weeks ago, a hacker managed to swap out the default Inkling outfit for an Octoling outfit. He even made a video showing what it looks like to play as an Octoling.

If you have any ideas of your own for the upcoming Splatoon August update, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment below. As always, remember to staaaay fresh.

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  1. On the playable octoling section can you a sewer pipe that changes you to a octoling and you get commanded by DJ Octavio to splat inkings that are Trying to get the zap-fish and you control the boss fight like you are the boss to attack the inkings!

  2. I would like to see online play from multiple local players, same team chat, more maps, more colors and lastly news skip option.

  3. I would like to see more battle maps and weapons. It would be cool if they made another inkbrush weapon since thats one of my fav weapons. <maybe an inkbrush with more power? Im honestly fine with the set itself with the sprinklers and inkstrikes, being like one of the best sets in the game (in my opinion) anyways new weapon or battle stage would be nice and im looking forward to play as an octoling and for new amiibos.

  4. I would like a level sorting system. So that level 7’s (Me) doesn’t battle against a team of full level 20’s (And of course lose) Maybe it can be like levels 1-5 battle each other. 6-10 battle each other. 11-15 battle each other. And 16-20 battle each other.

  5. Where have you hear complaints about the super jump marker? It’s fair and there is an ability to make it invisible.
    Maybe you were talking to BEACONS instead.

    Also, what people is really asking all the time on miiverse is pants.. and apartments.

    I just want my Ika Musume DLC

    • I also really want that Ika Musume DLC that will be awesome if it does happen and I completely agree with you about the super jump marker

    • In this article it mentions that the Ika Musume Dlc is Japan only, but from what I’ve read, it is not. It just simply isn’t announced for countries outside Japan. Meaning that, potentially it could be added worldwide as there are many Ika Musume fans from the Americas, Europe, Australia, etc… Besides, in a game with worldwide multiplayer, I don’t get the feeling that Nintendo would make something region exclusive. If all else fails, we’ll just have to order the costume off of Japanese Inklings from Spike.

      • Hello there. Do you have a credible source where you’re reading this information? Unless there’s concrete evidence of it coming to the West as well, it’s just speculation.

  6. Here is what I want the most

    The ability to change weapon in the same room
    An option that allows for you to create equipment sets and save them as a template
    Friend rooms to be able to search out players on the regular mode looking to join a room

  7. If they made Battle Dojo work with tilt controls, maybe even with a wii remote and nun chuck then the mode would be playable. I think my wife and I played it 3 times and vowed to never play again.

    Do the pro controllers not have gyroscopes or some kind of tilt sensor?


    • It does work with tilt controls.
      There’s a button combination that you can use to make the pro controller use a wii remote that is rubber-banded to it have tilt.

  8. On the super jump marker… You do know there is GEAR that removes that? They aren’t going to take it out sorry guys

  9. I want them to add more local multiplayer modes and also add more weapons and maps to battle dojo, and to bring the frame rate up to 60 in battle dojo. I love online, but every time I have a friend over, we play battle dojo, and it just feels like something that Nintendo threw in there last minute


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