An 18-Minute Ocarina of Time Speedrun, Fully Detailed

An 18-Minute Ocarina of Time Speedrun, Fully Detailed

Watch Cosmo Wright explain his unbelievable 18 minute and 10 seconds Ocarina of Time speedrun record in this dazzling glitch-filled video.

Speedrunner Cosmo Wright has dedicated himself to achieving the greatest Ocarina of Time speedrun. Ever. He has worked tirelessly for several years researching and testing different methods, glitches and routes. While he has beaten the world record multiple times for the fastest run-through of the classic game, he was on a mission to beat it in as little time as possible—to bring the time down as far as the limitations of the game would allow.

Cosmo now thinks he has done it. With a time of 18:10, he holds a record that many think will never be beaten. It is a near-perfect attempt, done almost entirely without even a sword.

Wait, what? Eighteen minutes? Is that really possible? Apparently, yes, and Cosmo has video evidence to back it up. The amazing feat is made possible by a variety of glitches that have been discovered over the sixteen years since the game was released in 1998 on the Nintendo 64. They allow a player to warp from the first dungeon’s boss to the final fight against Ganon.

The record also required no shortage of timing and skill. Cosmo says that he has attempted this speedrun over 1,200 times.

An 18-Minute Ocarina Of Time Speedrun, Fully Detailed

Here is the trick to pulling off an incredible Ocarina of Time speedrun:

  • Start a new game, buy a Deku Stick, then use it in the Lost Woods to pull of a glitched warp to Zora’s River.
  • Head over to Kakariko Village, gather the Cuccos into their pen to earn an empty bottle, and fill it with bugs.
  • Save and reset to respawn in Kokiri Forest. Buy a Deku Shield and more Deku Sticks, then head to the Great Deku Tree, using a glitch to bypass Mido.
  • After quickly reaching the boss room (using several minor bugs), use the shield to glitch into the space behind the stone door, and use Deku Sticks to defeat Queen Gohma and make the warp circle appear. Exit the room.
  • Re-enter the boss room to perform the so-called “Wrong Warp” glitch. Using the bottle of bugs in a certain manner, you can play a Deku Stick like an ocarina as you step into the warp circle, triggering a bug that, when you leave the room, will warp you to Ganon’s Tower—after the fight with Ganondorf.
  • Jump off Ganon’s Tower with perfect timing to fight Ganon.
  • Defeat Ganon using a Deku Stick by activating what’s called an “Infinite Sword Glitch” where the stick does damage without even being swung.

Piece of cake, right? Of course, Cosmo has taken advantage of countless tricks to optimize his time. For example, walking backwards is faster than running forwards. He also found the fastest way to collect Rupees to buy a shield. The run was performed on the Chinese iQue version of the game as well, since it plays the fastest.

You can watch an explanation of Cosmo’s Ocarina of Time speedrun below, or you can watch him beating it live on Twitch. It’s truly something you’ll want to see before you die.

Ocarina of Time Speedrun in 18:10

Ocarina of Time isn’t the only video game with new speedrun records. Last month, Blubber beat Super Mario Bros. in less than five minutes.


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