Nintendo News Observes National Dog Day

Nintendo News Observes National Dog Day

Today’s all about man’s best friend. It’s a day set aside to reflect on and appreciate the pals who love playing fetch and receiving belly rubs and scratches around the ears. Today, my friends, is August 26, 2015 — National Dog Day. And we, at Nintendo News, are celebrating one of the coolest — if not the coolest — dogs in the history of Nintendo.

The iconic, infamous canine from 1984 classic Duck Hunt on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has certainly received his fair share of criticism over the years. Fail to fell fowl out of the sky (say that ten times) with your trusty NES Zapper and you’ll just get laughed at by your best friend. It’s rather humiliating, really. Fell fowl, and you’re going home with a happy dog. And dinner.

Trivia: Nintendo game designer Hiroji Kiyotake (清武 博二) created the Duck Hunt dog.

But even after all these years, our pal is still going strong. Heck, he’s 217 [dog] years old after all; he’s since retired from fetching fowl and is now fighting in Super Smash Bros. However, one of the ducks he slathered with slimy drool has somehow befriended him on the battlefield — they’re a duo to be reckoned with. That crazy dog is even getting his own amiibo figure next month. What. A. Life.

So go on, celebrate National Dog Day by spending some quality time with your best friend. Surely, you won’t be laughed at. Also, hands in the air if you’ve ever tried shooting your pal with the Zapper.

If you have any memorable moments with your dog, feel free to share them with us.

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