New Pokémon GO Update Makes Several Changes

New Pokémon GO Update Makes Several Changes
Image: Nintendo News

The latest Pokémon GO update, released yesterday on Android and iOS, makes several undocumented changes that players should know about.

If you’re a Trainer who plays Pokémon GO on a daily basis, you already aware that the game’s tracking feature has been completely removed; the method, which used three footprints to assist players with hunting down Pokémon, wasn’t working prior to yesterday’s update. It’s unknown if Niantic plans to re-introduce the feature.

On the topic, Niantic Labs has modified their Application Program Interface (API) code to block third-party Pokémon tracking websites such as PokéVision and PokéRadar. Niantic CEO John Hanke recently told Forbes that he “doesn’t really like” those websites, that he’s “not a fan.”

Pop-Up Notifications

Upon launching the Pokémon GO app, players are now greeted with one of four randomly generated pop-up notifications which require them to acknowledge by tapping OK: “Do not enter dangerous areas while playing Pokémon GO,” “Do not trespass while playing Pokémon GO,” “Do not play Pokémon GO while driving,” and “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.” There is currently no option to disable the pop-ups.

No Throw Bonus Experience

Gone now are the days of scoring bonus experience points by accurately (or luckily) landing your thrown Poké Ball inside a target Pokémon’s catch ring. Prior to the update, players could earn an extra 10 XP for a “Nice” throw, 50 XP for a “Great” throw, and 100 XP for an “Excellent” throw on top of the standard 100 XP for successfully catching a Pokémon. However, capturing a pocket monster while throwing a “curveball” still rewards players with 10 XP.

New Sub-Menus

If you want to transfer a Pokémon back to Professor Willow, you’re now required to do so by accessing a sub-menu on the lower right-hand corner of the screen while viewing an individual Pokémon from the “Pokémon” menu. In addition, the Trainer menu now has a sub-menu for access to “Journal” and “Customize,” where you can read your latest 50 journal entries or change the look of your Trainer.

Other Notable Changes

While still available in the Android version, the iOS version of Pokémon GO no longer displays the “Battery Saver” option in the Settings menu.

New artwork has been implemented for various achievement medals. For example, the Jogger medal now displays a shoe and the Breeder badge displays an Egg.

Finally, several players in the U.S. have reported that PokéStops are vanishing from locations where they were once available. In some cases, the new absence of PokéStops has significantly hindered players from finding Pokémon due to their geographical location outside of populated areas. It’s possible some PokéStops were removed at the request of land or business owners themselves.

Have you found any new or interesting changes with the latest Pokémon GO update that we haven’t covered above? Feel free to let us know your discoveries or general thoughts about the changes in the comments section below.

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  1. Another thing is the map fixes. While minor, it still looks much better, because before the update a whole street in my neighborhood was missing the houses! Now it has all the houses in the correct spots.

  2. The pokemons are a lot more viscous now, it takes a lot more balls to catch one so Niantic can get people to spend more money, game has become a lot more difficult

  3. So the footprint tracking isn’t included anymore. Does that mean the pokemon’s order is random rather than according to which pokemon is closest? I’m pretty glad they did away with the radars. It’s not how the game’s supposed to be played.

    • The only reason people used them is because the tracking system was removed. What should we do, just walk around randomly and hope a Pokémon pops up? Screw that. They spend all their time keeping people from “cheating” instead of fixing the reason they cheat in the first place. If they fix the damn game, people wouldn’t even try to look up cheats.

    • Actually it’s not unfair if you played the handheld Pokémon ever hear of poke’radar? It’s used to track Pokémon near you. The company is being idiots.

    • I believe players can add stops in Ingress if the location they suggested is interesting enough for Niantic to consider turning it into a stop

      • They have a suggestion page on the actual Pokemon Go website… no need to suggest them through another game in hopes they add it to both. It also really helps, apparently, if you discuss why you think it should be a stop/gym.

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