Metroid Prime: Federation Force: Collective Thoughts

Metroid Prime: Federation Force: Collective Thoughts

It wasn’t long ago when Nintendo introduced the next installment in the Metroid Prime series. In fact, it was just last Tuesday. While thousands of fans have signed a petition to have Metroid Prime: Federation Force canceled, we took some time to share our thoughts on Nintendo’s newest Metroid title.

Federation Force is the third handheld Metroid Prime title, behind Metroid Prime Pinball (2005, Nintendo DS) and Metroid Prime Hunters (2006, Nintendo DS). It’s a first-person shooter that offers 4-player cooperative multiplayer missions that take place in the Metroid Prime Universe. Federation Force is not a main series Metroid title.

While none of us here are Nintendo News have had the opportunity to play the game, we’ve made a few statements in light of its recent reveal. Below are some of our collective thoughts.

Bradley Kragen says:

metroid_prime_federation_force_bradley_kragenIt’s crazy how much backlash Metroid Prime: Federation Force is getting, but I’m staying optimistic as it’s a bit too early to judge with us knowing very little about this intergalactic adventure. If I had to be honest though, its reveal during the Digital Event was definitely lackluster, which in turn resulted in me being pessimistic towards it.

After going back to watch the trailer again, and seeing the localization team playing it during the Treehouse Live segment, I can’t help but feel some excitement for it; the online cooperative nature seems like it could be a blast. Sure, some may hate it because of it being a Metroid Prime game, but that doesn’t mean it won’t turn out to be a treasure-trove of fun.

Believe it or not, we could have another Wind Waker situation on our hands here. Or it could just end up falling flat on its face. Let’s hope for the former, however.

Derek Viars says:

metroid_prime_federation_force_derek_viarsPersonally, I’ve only played a few Metroid series titles, none of which I ever managed to play through all the way as a kid. However, I understand why fans of the series hold it in such high regard, and therefore why they are so baffled by the existence of Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

The things people tend to point out first about Federation Force are its subpar graphics and artistic style, and apparent lack of series protagonist Samus Aran. I think that’s the primary issue with Federation Force — it appears to be an entirely different game that Nintendo thought would sell better under the umbrella of the Metroid Prime series.

If Federation Force had been released as its own unique entity, separated from the Metroid moniker, I honestly don’t think it would be seen as that bad of a game. It likely would have just be viewed as a fun little first-person shooter multiplayer title for the 3DS, and probably would have just been overlooked by most players, at worst.

Instead, Nintendo seems to have accidentally kicked a hornet’s nest, further highlighting the disappointment fans have had lately with the lack of quality entries in the Metroid franchise.

Brandon Merriman says:

metroid_prime_federation_force_brandon_merrimanI’m excited to take a look at Metroid through the eyes of the Federation, since bounty hunting as Samus gives a limited view of the world’s political complexity.

It has potential to be fun to play with friends, since Metroid Prime: Hunters and multiplayer deathmatch in Metroid Prime 2 were enjoyable, but its footage, so far, looks generic.

I would have thought a Metroid aesthetic and the 3DS format would have been enough to get me on board, but I’ve played too many similar shooters before. Still, I’m deferring judgment until next time the game is shown. It still has some time left to cook.

Shawn Taylor says:

metroid_prime_federation_force_shawn_taylorI was hoping as much as anyone for a new HD Metroid game to revive the series in the post-Other M era. So when Federation Force — a game that is neither HD nor a return to classic Metroid gameplay — came up in last week’s Digital Event, it was hard to contain my disappointment.

For not having even touched the game yet, it is still plainly obvious that this is in no way the game we have longed for for eight years now. That doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be a fun game. It explores an entirely different type of gameplay within the Metroid IP, much like how Tri Force Heroes does for Zelda.

So … it might be fun. But Nintendo still has a lot of convincing left to do.

Yet I can’t help but think Nintendo remains completely out of sync with fans and the industry when they avoid making the blockbuster titles we crave.

Kevin McMinn says:

metroid_prime_federation_force_kevin_mcminnDespite the game still being developed, Metroid Prime: Federation Force has received an insurmountable level of harsh reception — for both its graphics and its name. I get it: Fans were banking on a new main series Metroid reveal for Wii U.

But it’s important for everyone to keep in mind that, while Federation Force is a spin-off title, the Metroid franchise isn’t dead. Typically, spin-off titles are offered in between larger developments to dampen the wait times. Essentially, Federation Force is tying us over for Samus’s next big adventure.

What’s interesting here is that Next Level Games is developing Federation Force. What’s a bit more interesting to me, however, is that Next Level Games is concurrently working on a new Wii U project as well.

I hope Nintendo fans can come together, be patient, and just give this game a fair shot. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to buy it. It’s that simple. I personally cannot wait to try it out, and that’s when I will formulate a fair analysis of the game.

Chris Wierman says:

metroid_prime_federation_force_chris_wiermanMetroid Prime: Federation Force appears to be a perfectly average team based FPS. There’s not much that really sticks out about the game. Granted, there is some variety to be had with the objectives in each stage, but most of what I have seen up to this point is standard shooter fare.

The load-out system looks at least somewhat intriguing, and it should help make Federation Force a more cooperative game by assigning roles such as healer or tank. One concern I do have is that owners of the original 3DS will probably have more trouble with the controls due to the lack of a second control stick.

In the end, Federation Force will be a somewhat forgettable game (to be fair, most spin-offs are) that will at least expand the Metroid universe and flesh out the Federation Force’s back-story.

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  1. Nintendo deserves to choke on this garbage for trolling us in the first place.
    They knew exactly that the fans were asking for a REAL metroid game. After all the lame and broken Metroid games that we got, they now tell us: “Here you go! Here is the metroid you always wanted!” when actually they just looked at their beg-o-meter and decided to rename some crap project into metroid, to boost the money output…

  2. Ya know…I’m thinking this game could be a lot like that Rocket League game maybe. It has that same simple soccer-like approach.


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