Fairies In The Legend of Zelda: Evolved


Fairies In The Legend of Zelda: Evolved

Link could never have survived his first adventure in Hyrule (back in 1987 on the NES) if it weren’t for the kindness of fairies in The Legend of Zelda. Whether encountered on the field or found within an aquatic fountain, the fairies soothed Link’s wounds and gave him the courage to return to battle.

Fairies have since appeared in every Zelda game, and not just as healers. In Ocarina of Time—Link’s first foray onto the Nintendo 64 in 1998—Navi the fairy accompanied the Hero of Time on his way to vanquish Ganondorf. Great Fairies hidden in secret Fairy Fountains also granted Link new powers and items to help him on his quest.

Ever since, the enigmatic race has held a more prominent role in Zelda‘s plot lines. Fairies Tatl and Tael united their powers against Skull Kid in Majora’s Mask, while Ciela the fairy turned out to be the powerful Spirit of Courage and Time in Phantom Hourglass.

The image above shows the fairies in The Legend of Zelda series (and in Super Smash Bros.) as they have evolved through the years—some humanoid, while others only mysterious balls of light.

Yet still, wherever Link goes, a fairy in a bottle will always be there to revive the hero should he fall.


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