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New Super Mario Bros. 2 fans may have collected over one trillion worldwide Coins as of early last August, but Club Nintendo America offers a slew of Coins to its members as well. According to the most recent “Eligible Products” (as of October 27th, 2013) listing on the official Club Nintendo website, Nintendo currently offers a combined total of over 22,000 Club Nintendo Coins in return for registered qualifying products. When fans register an eligible product, they receive virtual Club Nintendo Coins, which can be used to redeem various items from the Rewards Catalog.

Year Of Luigi Miiverse CommunityWe’ve copied over all the data to a spreadsheet and tallied up the numbers. We used formulas to check our work. Let’s take a look at how everything is broken down.

  • (7) Hardware Products – 880 Club Nintendo Coins
  • (83) Wii U Software Titles – 3,570 Club Nintendo Coins
  • (351) 3DS Software Titles – 7,490 Club Nintendo Coins
  • (65) Wii Software Titles – 2,350 Club Nintendo Coins
  • (73) DS/DSi Software Titles – 2,060 Club Nintendo Coins

Total redeemable Club Nintendo Coins equals 16,350

Going beyond just registering software, fans also have the opportunity to participate in a short Post Play Survey for each software title. Each completed survey is worth 10 extra Club Nintendo Coins.

  • Wii U Post Play Survey Total – 830 Club Nintendo Coins
  • 3DS Post Play Survey Total – 3,510 Club Nintendo Coins
  • Wii Post Play Survey Total – 650 Club Nintendo Coins
  • DS/DSi Post Play Survey Total – 730 Club Nintendo Coins

Total redeemable Post Play Survey Coins equals 5,720
Total combined product and survey Coins equal 22,070

I guess the question now is, “what can I spend my Club Nintendo Coins on?” Well, there’s not much to be offered at the moment, but we’re hoping Nintendo of America starts offering some of the same cool items as those recently added to the Club Nintendo Europe and Japan catalogs!

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