How to Catch a Fake Mew [Trainer] in Pokémon GO

Disclaimer: This is a feature article, not a hard news story as seen in one of our standard news story formats. As such, it tells a personal story — written freely and informally with emotion, feelings, and complete transparency, because you deserve nothing less. Some of you may not like my style, and that’s perfectly fine.

I dun goofed, ya’ll. Hell, you could say I caught the rare Pokérus infection. But I’m here tonight to try and remedy that. I am a journalist, but I’m also a human, and humans make mistakes. However, I refuse to sit idle without owning responsibility for my actions. I don’t believe in letting problems “disappear.” Things just don’t work like that. I’m also here to protect my reputation, because I care. I care that you’re a Nintendo News reader. I also care that you’re a human being — like me.

Earlier this evening, I published a story titled “Meet the Trainer Who Randomly Caught Mew in Pokémon GO.” It was a damn good story. I was proud of it and had a lot of fun contacting and talking to the person who “caught” the Pokémon, 19-year-old Corey Selby. I was sure I had landed an interesting and exclusive article that people would enjoy as much as I.

But young Corey lied to me and, due to carelessness on my part, I unknowingly lied to our readers.

I sent Selby interview questions and requested additional images than the ones he posted on Twitter yesterday to prove his experience was authentic. Little did I know the images were Photoshopped. Thanks to our social media following, I was made aware of that very quickly. Some people were complete jerks (no surprise there!), but most of them understood that I was a human.

One of the helpful people was graphic artist, animator, and Twitter user KingKoId. Without his understanding and support, I’d probably be zooming in on Selby’s suspect Mew images trying to find discrepancies. I’m not a graphic artist, folks. I’m just a snobby tea extraordinaire, seasoned sushi connoisseur, and cold weather lover. I also enjoy matcha.

Below is an image that KingKoId whipped up for me, which would have likely cost me hours of frustration to make. It’s a bit blurry but it’s worth at least a thousand words, and it proves that Selby’s original Mew images are nothing more than fake.

Catching a Fake Mew [Trainer] in Pokémon GO

Other images Selby provided me with all have discrepancies too, but they’re not worth looking at; you can pick them apart if you want by checking out the above referenced — original — story, but I personally do not feel like spending unnecessary time explaining why each photo is bogus.

As I mentioned earlier, Tauros turds hit the fan near-instantly after I published the story. Some people unfollowed Nintendo News on Twitter while others sent nasty mentions. One person said, “If you were a ‘journalist’, you’d do just a little bit of research!” Another person said, “OMG, that’s so fake. How can you be so dumb? Anyone can see that’s Mew from Super Smash Bros.” News flash, folks: I’m not familiar enough with Smash because I suck at fighting games, nor do I consider myself an expert when it comes to Smash.

After everything was said and done, I was left wondering why anyone would waste so much time making up such a silly story to begin with. That Rayman “leak” in Super Smash Bros. had everyone fooled, however, including us, but I don’t feel bad at all about publishing that one — it was brilliantly pulled off. I write because it makes me feel good, not because I want “clicks.” (I just don’t understand the way some of you people think — this is nothing more than an outlet and hobby for me, and I sure as hell don’t bring in enough ad revenue to feed myself, my wife, or my cat.)

Here’s the last conversation I had with Selby via direct message conversation on Twitter:

Kevin: Hey there! Thanks for telling us about your experience with Mew. Just a question, some people (on our Facebook) are already saying it’s fake. I trust you, but surely it not fake, is it?
Corey: To all the people who say it’s fake, have they caught a mew?
Kevin: Would you mind sharing a video clip, Corey? No one will believe this until you can provide further proof, unfortunately.
Corey: I could but unfortunately I’m at work until around 1am tonight :( I can get you a video once I get home
Kevin: I think we should just stop wasting each other’s time. I’ve seen images proving that your screenshots are fake. Just tell me they’re Photoshopped so we can move on. No harm no foul. Deal?

Selby never responded to my last reply, and it’s been nearly three hours now. For the record, he responded almost immediately to my other replies. Go figure.

Thanks for playing, Corey. One could say you’ve caught this Trainer off guard. But don’t worry, I’ll continue to strive to be the very best … you know, like no one ever was!

In the end, I’m the one with Emolga egg on my face. It was a lesson learned … happens to the best of us and I’ll do a better job in the future. For that, I can appreciate that this happened to me.

On another note, did you all hear about the guy (not Selby!) who found image assets in Pokémon GO for Mew, Mewtwo, Ditto, and the original Legendary bird trio? Scout’s honor it’s the truth!

P.S. If for some crazy chance Mr. Selby does provide video footage, and it’s real, then I’ll have another problem on my hands. However, I think the chances of that happening are as good as catching a Mew in Pokémon GO right now.

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