Animal Crossing amiibo Packaging for First Eight Figures

Animal Crossing amiibo Packaging for First Eight Figures

The first series of eight Animal Crossing amiibo figures will launch this holiday alongside Wii U party title Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival was announced during this year’s E3 event. A large selection of Animal Crossing amiibo cards — at least 400 of them — will also be compatible with the Wii U game.

Worth noting, the image above shows a 3-pack of Animal Crossing amiibo, however, it was provided earlier today by Nintendo of Europe. That purchase option may or may not be released in other regions. Stay tuned for more details.

Without further ado, check out the images below for villagers Cyrus, Digby, Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Lottie, Mabel, Reese, and Tom Nook. Which villager do you like the best? Just look at that stylish argyle-patterned sweater Tom Nook is sporting.

Animal Crossing amiibo Packaging


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