Analyzing the Next Pokkén Tournament Battle Pokémon

Analyzing the Next Pokkén Tournament Battle Pokémon

We sure do love Pokémon. And we can’t wait to find out who Bandai Namco will add to the Pokkén Tournament roster next. That’s why we’ve spent the last several hours analyzing potential candidates — and making that amazing table to house all of the data.

The following 111 Pokémon are the only possible candidates for next week’s Battle Pokémon reveal for Pokkén Tournament. The first 41 (bolded text) are among the most likely of choices to be selected; we derived those Pokémon based on how the current roster* of twelve Pokémon looks and feels, while also applying a common sense approach. Specifically,  all current fighters are either fully evolved, well-known and popular, or Legendary Pokémon — with the exception of Pikachu.

* The current official roster includes Blaziken, Charizard, Gardevoir, Gengar, Lucario, Machamp, Pikachu, Pikachu Libre, Sceptile, Shadow Mewtwo (amiibo fighter), Suicune, and Weavile.

The remaining 70 candidates are less likely to be selected as newcomers because they are either not fully-evolved, not very popular, or because they’re just simply not ideal choices — we’re looking at you, Luvdisc and Larvitar! But who knows, maybe we’ll see an unexpected reveal.

Update: We’ve since edited the table to exclude Jirachi from the list as that Pokémon has previously been confirmed as a Support Pokémon (Thanks, Jiggly).

Without further ado, let’s make eye contact with the following table, because Wynaut:

Aerodactyl (プテラ) Aggron (ボスゴドラ) Chandelure (シャンデラ)
Darkrai (ダークライ) Florges (フラージェス) Flygon (フライゴン)
Galvantula (デンチュラ) Gliscor (グライオン) Heatran (ヒードラン)
Hitmonchan (エビワラー) Hitmonlee (サワムラー) Hitmontop (カポエラー)
Honchkrow (ドンカラス) Jirachi (ジラーチ)
Jynx (ルージュラ)
Kangaskhan (ガルーラ) Kingdra (キングドラ) Kingler (キングラー)
Landorus (ランドロス) Lanturn (ランターン) Latias (ラティアス)
Latios (ラティオス) Marowak (ガラガラ) Raichu (ライチュウ)
Raikou (ライコウ) Raticate (ラッタ) Relicanth (ジーランス)
Reuniclus (ランクルス) Sableye (ヤミラミ) Scolipede (ペンドラー)
Scyther (ストライク) Sigilyph (シンボラー) Stoutland (ムーランド)
Swampert (ラグラージ) Tentacruel (ドククラゲ) Terrakion (テラキオン)
Tyranitar (バンギラス) Tyrantrum (ガチゴラス) Umbreon (ブラッキー)
Vanilluxe (バイバニラ) Vileplume (ラフレシア) Zebstrika (ゼブライカ)
Aron (ココドラ) Basculin (バスラオ) Bronzor (ドーミラー)
Carracosta (アバゴーラ) Chansey (ラッキー) Chatot (ペラップ)
Cinccino (チラチーノ) Cubone (カラカラ) Cyndaquil (ヒノアラシ)
Dragalge (ドラミドロ) Drapion (ドラピオン) Drifblim (フワライド)
Duosion (ダブラン) Electrike (ラクライ) Flabébé (フラベベ)
Floette (フラエッテ) Giratina (ギラティナ) Gligar (グライガー)
Goomy (ヌメラ) Gorebyss (サクラビス) Granbull (グランブル)
Groudon (グラードン) Gyarados (ギャラドス) Heatmor (クイタラン)
Heracross (ヘラクロス) Hydreigon (サザンドラ) Kadabra (ユンゲラー)
Krabby (クラブ) Lairon (コドラ) Lampent (ランプラー)
Larvesta (メラルバ)  Larvitar (ヨーギラス) Lileep (リリーラ)
Lumineon (ネオラント) Luvdisc (ラブカス) Luxray (レントラー)
Malamar (カラマネロ) Manectric (ライボルト) Maractus (マラカッチ)
Metapod (トランセル) Mightyena (グラエナ) Minccino (チラーミィ)
Murkrow (ヤミカラス) Nidoran (ニドラン) Paras (パラス)
Parasect (パラセクト) Plusle (プラスル) Pupitar (サナギラス)
Quilava (マグマラシ) Ralts (ラルトス) Rampardos (ラムパルド)
Rattata (コラッタ) Reshiram (レシラム) Seadra (シードラ)
Sealeo (トドグラー) Shellos (カラナクシ) Silcoon (カラサリス)
Slowbro (ヤドラン) Sneasel (ニューラ) Snorunt (ユキワラシ)
Solosis (ユニラン) Spewpa (コフーライ) Spheal (タマザラシ)
Tangela (モンジャラ) Tentacool (メノクラゲ) Timburr (ドッコラー)
Trapinch (ナックラー) Tynamo (シビシラス) Tyrunt (チゴラス)
Vibrava (ビブラーバ)

So there you have it. We’ve whittled the list of 111 possible new Pokkén Tournament fighters down to just 41 — that’s roughly 37 percent. As for which one of those 111 fighters will be selected as the next Battle Pokémon on January 15, it’s hard to say. We sure do like Darkrai and Sableye.

Who would you like to see selected as the next Pokkén Tournament fighter? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or on our social media channels.

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  1. Out of all the bold ones, I’m going to go with Swampert because of 3 reasons
    1. It would, somewhat, tie in with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
    2. He has a mega evolution which when you look at the characters selected, ones with Mega evolutions do seem to get priority.
    3. We already have Blaziken and Sceptile so it wouldn’t seem logical to leave out Swampert. Sure you could say the same for Blastoise and Venusaur but let’s be honest, Charizard was a given in this type of game.

    However I do feel you’ve missed an important detail; So far whenever a Pokemon has been seen in the background of the stages, they have either gone on being un-chosen or have become an assist which rules out a lot of these.
    This rules out quite as Pokemon like Tentacool and Tentacruel have been seen in the backgrounds as well as Sableye and Chandelure.
    For the full list, go here:

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