9 References in the Pokémon Super Bowl TV Commercial

9 References in the Pokémon Super Bowl TV Commercial

The Pokémon Super Bowl TV commercial released earlier today may have sent a motivational message, but it also features several clever references.

A lot happened during the one minute and thirty seconds worth of The Pokémon Company’s upcoming celebratory TV spot. Shortly after the video made its rounds throughout the Internet, one of our readers, John, sent us a tip about an interesting reference he spotted in the video.

We felt it was our duty, as sworn Pokémon Trainers, to scour the remaining footage to sift out any additional nods given to the 20-year franchise. Below are the nine references we were able to find; we’ve also included two unrelated “bonus” discoveries that only our eyes were able to catch. If we’ve missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

9 Noteworthy References – Pokémon Super Bowl TV Commercial


Reference #1 and #2: There’s actually a two for one deal in this single frame. Perhaps most noticeable is the “Learn to Surf HM03” sign/flyer posted underneath the TV. The other reference, while hidden well, couldn’t escape our eyes. Check out the lower-right of the TV screen itself. This “breaking” news is taking place in, you guessed it, Kanto.


Reference #3: There’s that Surf sign again. It looks like the older gentlemen is also enjoying a glass of refreshing water — perhaps it might even be Fresh Water!


Reference #4: Here’s an interesting one. That’s a Nidoqueen chess piece. Or is it Nidoking?


Reference #5: Stop right there! That symbol … on his football helmet. Yep, that’s the iconic Volcano Badge from Cinnabar Gym. I do wonder if Gym Leader Blaine is aware of this, however.


Reference #6: Two football players. One is wearing a jersey with the number 19 and the other is wearing a jersey with the number 96. Put both players side by side and it appears to string together the four-digit number “1996.” Ah, no, it can’t be a reference to the 20th anniversary for the Pokémon franchise, can it? (Thanks to John for sending this in.)


Reference #7: If you’re reading this feature, chances are you’re an aspiring Pokémon Trainer. In fact, it’s highly likely you may have heard the Pokémon Theme song. The first verse goes like this: “I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause.”


Reference #8 and #9: Here’s another single frame that features two references. On the left side of the screen, a delicious Moomoo Milk can easily be spotted. On the opposite side of the, a Rare Candy teases onlooking eyes.

2 Bonus Discoveries – Pokémon Super Bowl TV Commercial


Bonus Discovery #1: There’s no escaping our keen and cunning eyes. THAT VENT! It’s full of dust and dirt, and someone needs to get on that. Stat!


Bonus Discovery #2: Someone please give that Trainer a Master Ball for having perfect throwing form. From his high-arched back to his firm grip to his focused, locked-in eye contact — this Trainer has been down a route or two during his adventures.

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  1. you missed the no. 20 which represents the 20th anniversary
    it is on the main player of that football who says we can do that

  2. No one has noticed the Trainer classes represented in the video.
    In order of appearance:
    1- Youngster (Gen1, ORAS outfit)
    2-Lass (Gen6, XY outfit)
    3- Backer (Gen5)
    4- Trainer (Gen1, iconic essemble)

  3. Thanks for pointing all that out Kev; I’m a casual Pokémon fan and would not have caught all of that. My oldest kid will be 21 this year and has played Pokémon for most of his life. In fact, I got my first Pokémon game because of him. First, Fire Red (because he got Lead Green) and then later, he got Diamond and I got Pearl. Fun times! I’m looking forward to getting Go, but, I may get the next game for the 3DS (or portable NX) because my 10 & 7 year olds are getting into Pokémon now. :)

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