Wii U System Update Version 3.1.0 Now Available

Wii U System Update Version 3.1.0 Now Available

Wii U system update 3.1.0, now available, adds new standby functionality, increased stability, and an overall better user experience.

According to Nintendo’s official “System Menu Update History” webpage, the following changes for version 3.1.0 have been noted:

Wii U System Update 3.1.0 Details

  • The standby functions will now regularly connect to the Internet when the Wii U is powered down to check for available SpotPass data or software and system updates
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and software compatibility

A system update providing further additions to system functionality is planned for release between the end of September and the beginning of October.

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  1. I was under the assumption that the Wii U already connected to the internet when on standby mode. I was obviously wrong. Oh well, I am glad this is the case. It makes a difference to consumers not to have to wait for updates.

    • I thought that too, Benjamin, but I noticed that it always connected in stand-by mode just after you turn it off. If you wait for a minute or so after turning off the console, you’ll notice the light turn to red, then change to yellow (orange) for about 30 seconds then it goes back to red. But, I never notice it turn to yellow any other time while “off”, so I think that’s what Nintendo has enabled. I just updated so I’ll be watching it periodically to see if it connects (by looking for the yellow-orange light). Seems like this is the Wii U version of Wii Connect24, but instead of always being in stand-by, it checks periodically instead. I like this method better.

  2. I wonder if this is leading up to the next big update? (I’m sure there’s meant to be another big update, or am I remembering wrong?)


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