Splatoon Update 2.12 Fixes Sprinklers, Adjusts Kelp Dome

Splatoon Update 2.12 Fixes Sprinklers, Adjusts Kelp Dome

Splatoon update version 2.12.0, now available to download, fixes various multiplayer bugs and makes one adjustment to the Kelp Dome stage.

Following a period of scheduled server maintenance, Nintendo today released the new Splatoon update; players are required to download and install it before playing online.

According to the game’s official support page, an issue was fixed that “mistakenly allowed Sprinklers to be placed inside the Tower in Tower Control.” In addition, the 2.12 patch fixed an issue in the Kelp Dome stage that “that allowed players to move inside the raised starting platforms.”

The previous Splatoon update, version 2.11, fixed an issue with Roller and Brush-type weapons. It released early last month.

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