The Rotom Pokédex is Alola’s New Trainer Tool

The Rotom Pokédex is Alola's New Trainer Tool

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon will feature a new Pokédex called the Rotom Pokédex, which is inhabited by the Electric Plasma Pokémon itself.

“It’s the next generation of Pokédexes, but it’s only complete once Rotom has gone into this body specially developer for it,” reads an in-game description for the device. “A whole new way for people and Pokémon to communicate, woo!”

As always, the new Pokédex will record information about discovered Pokémon, but it will also provide Trainers with hints related to where they need to go next on their journey based on discussions they have had with the people around the Alola region.

Alola’s laid back Pokémon Professor Kukui will supply Trainers with the Rotom Pokédex at the start of their journey to discover the region’s multiple islands — four tropical and one artificial. It’s unclear if the new Pokédex will take on a different appearance based on the Trainer’s gender, as seen with the previous Johto and Unova Pokédex devices.

The trailer below shows how the Rotom Pokédex is viewed on the Nintendo 3DS system; the upper screen shows the Trainer as he or she navigates around while the lower screen shows the device tracking the Trainer’s movement from an overhead perspective.

Rotom Pokédex Trailer

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