Pokémon X & Y Guide Confirms Super Training Feature

Pokémon X & Y Guide Confirms Super Training

Amazon has listed the official Pokémon X & Y guide on their website, and it confirms a Super Training feature for the pair of upcoming games.

In addition to Super Training, the guide highlights the following pieces of information:

Pokémon X & Y Guide Details

  • A complete walkthrough of all the Gym Badges and through the Hall of Fame
  • Detailed information on all the new game features, from Sky Battles and Horde Encounters to Super Training and Pokémon-Amie
  • A guide to where to find hidden items, TMs and HMs, and special Pokémon—with a location index
  • Hints on the best ways to use Roller Skates, ride Pokémon, and challenge Gym Leaders
  • A super effective Pokémon screen cleaner to keep your Nintendo 3DS system looking sharp
  • Helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of the PSS and online play
  • An updated type matchup chart that includes the all-new Fairy type
  • Pullout map to guide you through the Kalos region

The official Pokémon X & Y guide is hard-covered and will be released on October 12, 2013 at the suggested retail price of $17.99.

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  1. This is great. We finally have the confirmation that HM’s are indeed back in this title. I am also very intrigued with “Super Training”. I hope this does away with EV training and helps balance the battlefield for online tournaments.


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