Pokémon GO Update 0.29.2 Arrives on Android Devices

Pokémon GO Update 0.29.2 Arrives on Android Devices

The first Pokémon GO update for Android users is now available on the Google Play store, bringing the version up from 0.29.0 to 0.29.2.

While official patch notes have not yet been released into the wild, it’s worth pointing out that the app does seem to start more smoothly when launched. In addition, the GPS function appears to be updating more accurately. Version 0.29.2 requires roughly 30 MB to download.

“The most notable feature is support for devices running the Android N Developer Preview,” according to a post published by 9 to 5 Google‎.

When the official changelog is made public, we will provide an update to this article. In the meantime, we are receiving reports that Pokémon GO is beginning to roll out for Trainers in Germany.

Yesterday, iOS users received their first Pokémon GO update (version 1.0.1), which added stability to the log in process and fixed a known bug that caused the game to randomly crash issue.

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