Paper Mario Game Coming to Wii U, Rumor Suggests

Paper Mario Game Coming to Wii U, Rumor Suggests

A new Paper Mario game is being developed by Intelligent Systems and will be announced for Wii U at some point in 2016, multiple sources suggest.

Three Nintendo fans claim they have insider knowledge about an unannounced title in the Paper Mario series.

“We have about 4-5 sources that this unannounced Wii U game exists,” reads a Tweet posted by Emily Rogers. “And a lot of evidence behind it.”

Rogers clarifies that the new Wii U installment will be published by Nintendo, emphasizing that it’s not a third-party game.

“We’ll spill the beans Monday,” reads another one of her Tweets. Four hours later, she Tweets this: “Okay guys. We decided instead of making you guys wait till Monday, I’ll just post everything here on Twitter. Just give me 10 minutes.” That Tweet was posted at 6:42 p.m. ET.

Rogers finally spills the beans about the new Paper Mario game on Wii U. She also said it’s currently being localized and tested.

Who are these people claiming to have insider info?

Emily Rogers is a long-time Nintendo fan who used to write frequently about Nintendo-related topics. According to the current description on her Twitter profile, she’s “Just a fan of video games and especially Nintendo.” Rogers has broadcast rumors in the past; last year she said XSEED Games would be publishing Devil’s Third on Wii U in North America, but that turned out to be false. Nintendo published it.

The other person involved is Liam Robertson, another Nintendo fan. Robertson has, in the past, claimed to know the inside scoop about unannounced Nintendo game developments. We know of two specific rumors that can be traced back to him, but neither one turned out to be true. Last year he, like Rogers, claimed XSEED Games would be publishing Devil Third. That, of course, was false. In August 2015, he claimed to have “been in touch with multiple sources within the video game retail sector who claim that Shovel Knight is indeed about to make his way to Super Smash Bros.” That was also false. We can’t find any instance where Robertson’s “insider-info” turned out to be correct.

Finally, there’s a third person involved in this Paper Mario rumor, but we’ve never heard of him before.

But there’s one thing I know for sure is true: Rumors usually just end up getting fans’ hopes up for all the wrong reasons (Kotaku’s Jason Schreier told me that a few years ago), and that’s one of the biggest reasons we typically choose not to report them.

Anyway, time will tell if a new Paper Mario game will be announced for Wii U. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our social media channels.

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  1. If this is true, I just hope they put back the RPG elements from past Paper Mario and ignore Sticker Star ever existed


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