Pandora’s Tower is $19.99 on Amazon

Pandora's Tower is $19.99 on

Get one of the “big three” at a huge discount.

Still looking for Pandora’s Tower? currently has it listed for $19.99. That’s a 33% savings! Pandora’s Tower is an action role-playing game for Wii, developed by Ganbarion/ Nintendo and published in North America by Xseed Games.

Pandora’s Tower Product Description

Pandora’s Tower tells a haunting tale about a cursed young woman’s slow transformation into a hideous beast, and the lengths to which the man she loves will go in order to save her. Aeron must brave the Thirteen Towers, which are suspended in the middle of a valley by chains connected to surrounding cliffs, and use his magical Oraclos Chain weapon to retrieve “master flesh,” the flesh of the giant monsters that reside within each tower, which he must feed to Elena in order to reverse her transformation. Aeron’s interactions with Elena during their time together have a direct impact on the story, as the strength of their bond will determine which of the multiple endings is achieved. This is a Wii game.

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