Club Nintendo Japan Announces Year of Luigi Soundtrack

In celebration of Luigi, Club Nintendo of Japan is offering a limited edition "The Year of Luigi Sound Selection" soundtrack to its members.
3DS System Update 6.1.0-12 Now Available

Nintendo 3DS system update version 6.1.0-12 is now available, adding StreetPass Mii Plaza functionality and improved system stability.
Genesect Doll Arrives in Pokémon Dream World Doll in July

Trainers can spruce up their Pokémon Dream World home with a Genesect Doll by using a limited-time password via Pokémon Global Link website.
Wii U System Update Version 3.1.0 Now Available

Wii U system update 3.1.0, now available, adds new standby functionality, increased stability, and an overall better user experience.
Nintendo Offering $30 eShop Credit Via Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo of America is offering fans who have purchased Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem Awakening a $30 Nintendo eShop credit.

Thinking about purchasing two of the most anticipated 3DS titles, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Super Smash Bros. 3DS? Well,...
Meet the Cute Creatures of Pikmin 3

Nintendo has uploaded a video that introduces each of the five different Pikmin types you can expect to meet and greet throughout Pikmin 3. Selling Nintendo Land for $21 Bucks

Amazon United States is currently selling Wii U title Nintendo Land for $20.99.
Pokémon X & Y Guide Confirms Super Training

Amazon has listed the official Pokémon X & Y guide on their website, and it confirms a Super Training feature for the pair of upcoming games.
Amazon: Animal Crossing: New Leaf For Under $25 Bucks

Amazon of the United States is currently selling Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the ultimate low price of $24.15.